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BG1NPC Bugthread


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Guest BettaGeorge

Thank you for the quick response! I'll try with the SCS version from github and if that doesn't work, I'll ask on the SCS forums. Til then I'll do without the extra quests.

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Well, if you do not have the Quests, Banters and Interjections component from BG1NPC then you don't have much content of the mod I'm afraid... (The romances are nice, too, but the dialogues and banters make the NPCs alive in the game).

Hope you get this sorted! If it's anything on BG1NPC's end I'm ready to update the mod as soon as I know how.

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每每每每每每每每.itm & 锟斤拷锟斤拷锟斤拷锟斤拷.itm, "I'm on Ubuntu,.. mounted on a case-insensitive virtual NTFS drive."

I don't think that works so well. See the y's with umlauts are latin characters, as is the other one too. And it will definitely make things hard.

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I think this "nonexistant weapon" message is because the cre has no items but assigns items to the item slots. Still it's weird that for my Windows10 (and BG:EE from BeamDog) this did not lead to scs stopping with an error.

@BettaGeorge if you deinstall both mods, replace the x#keth.cre inside bg1npc/phase2/cre with the attached and install both mods again, hopefully it works.


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Guest BettaGeorge

Omigosh that fixed it. Thank you so much!

It might be that the Windows implementation of the "copy" directive (seems to be a syscall) is more forgiving about errors than the Linux one. Maybe the Windows version silently ignores the error (which I guess is actually desired behavior in this case), while the Linux version does ... well, something that messes up the file system enough to require a remount.

Anyway, thank you so much for your help!

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Wooo I fixed a linux install error!1!! (I feel so *smart*!) Thanks for reporting!

New version is up: v24.6 fixes this officially and other things. I hope it's not too late for you to use this version, as there were problems with the interjections that are now fixed. ("Problems" as in "a lot of them didn't show as they were intended" because I temporarily implemented a not so well tested function.)

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Guest BGEE Guest

Hi!聽I don't know if it's really a bug or not and I searched in the forum but I didn't find exactly the answer I was looking for.

The first time I walk in BG, Imoen turned Xan pink and soon after Xan complained about it. I took Imoen's side and said that the most important thing is how you die and not what you wear (or something similar), so Xan stayed pink. After 1 hour of real time play, Imoen finally gave Xan back his clothes and said that the makeup will take a while to come off.

I rested several time outside or in an inn, and waited again 1 hour but the portrait of Xan still remains pink...聽

Is this normal?

PS:聽I use for Xan a custom portrait for his normal version and another one for his pink version.聽I tried a previous save and this time in the city of Baldur's Gate I chose to have Imoen give him back his clothes immediately:聽the portrait change is done correctly.

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Guest BGEE Guest

Sorry for my double post but I tried again today and Xan's portrait still doesn't come back to normal.聽Same when I make a Dispel Magic.

I even tried to manually change Xan's portrait with EEKeeper but it doesn't work, he always stays in pink.

I really don't know what more I can do...

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Hm, the retransformation should have happened immediately. I do not see anything obvious in the code, it's the same spell call like in the first dialogue. The only thing I can offer you is to rename your Xan portraits to:




and put them into the override.

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I'm sorry but I do not feel like playing hide and seek games to get the information. I might do that in case there won't be any more information, but it's not the most effective way for a bug report and I am ESL, so maybe I won't even see it - or won't know what the correct phrase would be.

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