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I've been doing an audit of the translations of SCS, something I haven't generally paid much attention to. They fall into three groups:

1) Current translations: French, Russian, Italian. All of these have been updated since v32 came out (in two cases, since v33 came out). They're complete or nearly so.

2) Recent translations: Polish, German. Each of these was last updated when v31 (the maintenance release Cam organised) came out. They cover most of SCS's content but have some significant gaps (notably, the difficulty system).

3) Out-of-date translations: Korean, Chinese, Spanish. These haven't been updated in (at least) several years, and so they're very incomplete and out of date.

For (1) and (2), I've marked the most recent version that was translated in the setup text, so that players who use the Polish or German translations know they're a bit out of date. I've deprecated the translations in (3) - they're so partial that I think it's misleading to players to advertise them. (The files are still there, though, and anyone who wants to use them just needs to uncomment the relevant lines in setup-stratagems.tp2.)

Anyone who wants to update any of the old translations is more than welcome.

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