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Okay, this thread is a bit early (since I really haven't gotten the romance dialogues going), but it is inevitable that someone will ask for flirts, and yes, I do intend to have some...


Some of the ones I intend will be the regular kissing on the cheek, holding hands, kissing on the lips, etc.


As well as some old wolfish standbys such as licking one on the lips, nuzzling, nipping at the ear, nipping at the flanks (er...well, why not)...possibly marking one's...territory...er...mate (well, probably not that last one ;-) ).

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IF ~True~ THEN BEGIN Flirts

SAY ~(Before you is your mate Delainy, although you would die for her and she for you, you know there is an uncertainty between you on the seriousness of your relationship)~

++ ~(Nuzzle Delainy's neck) GOTO Nuzzle

++ ~(Hold Delainy's hand) GOTO HoldHand

++ ~(Kiss Delainy on the cheek)~ GOTO KissCheek

++ ~(Kiss Delainy on the lips)~ GOTO KissLips

++ ~(Drop your trousers and piss on Delainy)~ GOTO MarkingMate



I'm sure there would be a few interjections from party members on the last option!

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:D  :D  :D


oh my...but here is a serious suggestion...


now a nipping of the ears...what if the pc is elven or half elven???  i think its accepted in fanficdom that elves are particularly sensative to the ears...so a comment about both del and the pc enjoying mutual ear worship certainly would not be out of place...


nor would a snide edwin comment...


edwin: I see that the simians are at it again....i do wonder, charname, if and when you settle down, if such a day ever happens, would your mate conscent to shapeshift in case your peasant cottage lacks a fur rug?  I mean a fur rug is most comfortable on cold win....URK!!!


del has grabbed edwin by the throat...


del: do not finish that comment, spellslinger, or you will soon miss certain parts of your anatomy that despite their miniscule size, you would find essential....



hey!!!  That's an idea!!!!


flirt packs in modding have been around for a long time, since kelsey...now one thing that struck me just now as completely appropriate, and that no one has ever implemented is Reactions by NPC's to flirts!!!


I mean if the pc and a love interest is cooing and kissing and doing all sorts of stuff, shouldn't the other npc's comment???


pc kisses love interest....


jaheira holds up a cardboard sign with 7 written on it: Hmmm...good control, very natural and spontaneous, you get a seven from the tethyr judge.


aerie holds up a sign with 8 on it: I think that was just sweet and nicely passionate.  you get a 8 from the avariel judge.


viccy holds up a 4: not enough tongue, abbil...a bit more passion, next time...


of course, the npc comments to flirts should only happen once, or it would get irritating...


what do you think??? :D

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Actually, UU, Mirrabo did something like this with his Imoen quality times...like when Jaheira says to the Mainchar and Imoen in the druid's grove (and they are romantically inclined)  "Oh great, they're at it again...)


But, yes, I do plan on doing this as well :D

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Yes, and there are occasional NPC reactions to flirts I've implemented for Kelsey and the Bioware Four as well. I just don't have many because I think the flirt packs should be about the PC/NPC relationship, not about getting a rise out of the rest of the party.

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Possibly you could add a counter for flirting and when it reaches a certain level have certain party members sigh about how CHARNAME and Delainy should "get a room".


How 'bout a flirt where you scratch Delainy in that special spot and make her leg twitch. She might have to be in hybrid or wolf form for that one. :D


licking one on the lips,


Actually, this could be even more disturbing than "marking your territory" if it's used for what dogs use it for.....

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Iguess i missed that... :D  :wink.gif

At the risk of taking things off-topic...


There's a Kelsey deep-kiss which can draw commentary from Viconia, Mazzy, Korgan, Cernd, Aerie, and Imoen.


Then there's the sequence where Anomen asks the party for advice on a gift for the PC.


Can't remember offhand if any of the female NPCs have interjects in their flirts, which might be why you were unaware that there were any.

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well. i have downloaded the flirt packs, but have yet to try them out....


flirt packs has a bug with the improved battles mod by moonfruit...i've seen it...and its been mentioned in his forum, but never fixed, as far as i know...


the knights of dark renown are blue circle on machines with both flirts and improved battles installed..since moonfruit has given up modding (hopefully temporary) its not likely to get fixed anytime soon...


since i am planning to write a cheese guide for improved battles, actually at moonfruits own request, i had to decide on battles or flirt packs... :D



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Heh, yes, Bigrob, Delainy will have that "special spot" you are talking about...as well as an itch to scratch...


And wow, JCompton, thanks for the info on the flirt packs!  Next time I play (I am taking a slight break from actually BG II at the moment I will definitely check it out).


And there is nothing wrong with going off-topic *grins winsomely at Camdawg and UU for another thread*

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Are you implying that our discussion of special relativity, time travel and portable wormholes is not related to Delainy's lycanthropy? :D  :D

there once was a young lady named bright,

who could travel faster than light,

she left home one day,

in a lycanthropic way,

and became a werewolf the previous night!



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