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Why is it called "Chateau" Irenicus?

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Many people know the intro area of BG2 is nicknamed Chateau Irenicus, but why Chateau?  Is it built in a French Chateau style?  Does something in-universe call it a chateau?  Was it named by French people?


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Chateau translates literally from French into "castle", so the dungeon is essentially "Irenicus's castle".  The first time I heard the term used this way was the title of the mod "Skip Chateau Irenicus".  I always assumed it's just what the original author of that mod chose for the name of the mod, and being a relatively early and popular mod, the community just sort of picked up that terminology.  But if the term "Chateau Irenicus" predates it or is cannon, then I have no idea.


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I've heard of the term long before I even thought of creating "Skip Chateau Irenicus". I don't know how, why or when this came up either, but it was certainly invented long before Beamdog even existed.

The term is fitting though. I can see many parallels to a real castle or palace. The hideout has been decorated in a very extensive and opulent manner, as it contains luxurious living rooms (which even leave Imoen in awe), servants' quarters, a well-stocked library, a torture prison, and even an arboretum. Moreover you can encounter all kinds of servants, guards, prisoners and even some female company.

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Maybe it has something to do with the French localization, which mixed "Château d'Irenicus" (Castle) and "Donjon d'Irenicus" (Dungeon) in dialog.tlk strrefs. The French correct pack for BG2 harmonized all references to "Donjon d'Irenicus" because, as already said above, this place has nothing to do with what French people consider to be a castle.

Maybe the first people who used it were playing the French version (from Europe or Canada) before the correct pack release...

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