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bg1re Updates!

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Most recent announcement at the end of the thread!


The mod updates to v8.0 with a Russian version from Staylos, Apxu & Arcanecoast Team and some minor improvements.


  • Russian version Staylos, Apxu & Arcanecoast Team, by Staylos, Apxu & Arcanecoast Team added
  • Patching of Sil to make removing of turning hostile more stable
  • Kitty should not vanish after Sarevok's death before PC finished the encounter
  • Corrected version number in tp2
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The mod updates to v9.0 with a completed French version by les d'Oghmatiques (Le Marquis, Galathée, Lothringen, Shaywen, Zooloo) and Jazira ; proofreading par Graoumf. Thank you for the translation! It also fixes the install error in combination with the Transitions mod, and provides further support for Project Infinity.

Changelog v9.0:

-French version completed, by les d'Oghmatiques (Le Marquis, Galathée, Lothringen, Shaywen, Zooloo) and Jazira ; proofreading par Graoumf.
-crossmod with Transitions: install should not fail and quest about Scar should be available after Sarevok's death.
-updated install order data (added Brage's Redemption).
-added globally unique LABELs to support Project Infinity.

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Cheers to Le Marquis, and the others, of course ! But this guy did most of the job by himself. And it is not a small mod...

In addition, I have to admit that this mod (and the lack of French translation by the time) was the reason I started to contribute to IE mods and their translations. So... thanks for making it. :)

Feel good to finally see it completed.

Edited by Jazira
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@Graoumf I'm assuming you are viewing the (a github hosted) file via web browser? Then this is expected results as the file is not using UTF8 encoding. The solution is to convert this file from "Windows 1252" encoding to UTF8 locally and then replace inside mod repo an this extra repo for documentation. 

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bg1re updates to v10 with several improvements and minor fixes.

Translations needed! EDIT: Russian completed in 10.1!


-Added reply options to Duke Eltan to be able to tell him of progress with regard to saving the other dukes (from Lauriel) (Duke Eltan's Spare Minute)
-Ioun Stone from Thalantyr should not be tagged as critical item (Dinner with Thalantyr).
-Quest should not close before all letters are delivered (dirty fix by checking whether letters are still in inventory if variable indicates quest end - should not set before but it somehow did for one player); Skie and Garrick will react to their letters if placed in their inventory.) (Messenger 2)
-Tagged book case as a critical item so it will remain with group (Camryn and Tamah).
-Script checks for Player1 in the area so encounters will not happen one after the other if group is scattered between floors (Interruptions).
-Added checks whether Melicamp is in the area (Dinner with Thalantyr).
-Added fail save hack for spawned quest cres in Candlekeep main area (prologue) in case players load the automated prologue save (Messenger 2, A Childhood Friend).
-Added closing variable for quest for crossmod (The Honest Lies of Two Riversides).
-Removed reference to nonexistent scriptname (Necromancer's Trouble).
-Corrected reference to letters (Camryn and Tamah).
-Missed lines from tp2 traified.
-Fixed EraseJournalEntry references.
-Typo correction.

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bg1re updates to v11, with a completed Italian version by @Zaramorte and proofread by @Janvitus! The German version now also includes the component "Husam's Personal Preparation", by Belryll! Thank you for the translations!


-Italian version completed, by Zaramorte, proofreading by Janvitus.
-"Husam's Personal Preparation": PC can also offer Husam intimacies in second encounter for Teen Version; Added more tracking variables for crossmod with Husam component; added German translation for this component, by Belryll.
-Icon for the bag centered for BGT when dragged in the inventory ("Camryn and Tamah").
-Typo correction.


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