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Time to start getting testers?

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That said, it's not like the "press release" was terribly helpful. I read Icelus' over at BioWare and, even though I know who posted it, it still brought up the same thoughts that most of these things do: "Who the fuck are you, and why do I have to PM you"? And where the hell am I supposed to PM you? And what the hell is PM? What about email? Why can't I just post a reply here? But I guess it was catering more to the modding elite, and not the average Joe.


Wait. Yeh. Why did we ask people to respond via PM?



These comments would have been slightly more useful when I was asking for feedback on the announcement. :)

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These comments would have been slightly more useful when I was asking for feedback on the announcement. :p
Prolly. You also made the mistake of using "G3" (there wasn't even a link to G3). Customary "what the hell is G3 (other than an Apple Computer system circa late 1990s)"? follows shortly thereafter.


That's OK. Once alpha 4 is out you can do another. I promise to be just as helpful then.


EDIT: Rather than start off on some cynical, pessimistic, sarcastic bullshit journey: :D:p:);) Just so nobody takes me too seriously.

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I posted a message in the BGT-Baldurdash bugfix thread that King Diamond is working away at, just seeing if he was planning on collaborating and got this response:




QUOTE(Caedwyr @ Apr 8 2005, 09:49 PM)

A short while ago, Camdawg posted about a BGII fixpack that is currently being tested and is meant to replace Baldurdash.  Is there any chance of you collaborating with that group in order to make sure you get all the bugs, or do you prefer to keep your efforts independent?






I think Baldurdash-WeiDU is a part of it (so it's planned to be). But still I had no chance to look at their work at the moment....


So, this seems a bit different from what was said in one of the other threads that talks about KD's work. Just thought this might be useful to know there is a bit of a communications gap somewhere.

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