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P&P Celestials v9 Now Available

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Posting this here instead of the miscellaneous release thread, since this is a pretty substantial update to the mod. Originally from @Caedwyr:


Something that bothered me from the first time I played Baldur's Gate II was the weakness of many of the creatures. Among these were the elemental princes, the devas and planetars, and the various demons and devils. In Pen and Paper AD&D these are powerful and scary enemies if you get on their wrong sides. In Baldur's Gate II, they were minor obstacles to be plowed over by the Bhaalspawn and his/her party.

What I have done in this mod is to modify the Devas and Planetars that are summoned by the player so they gain most of their Monster Manual abilities and stats. I have taken some small liberties in how I adapted some of these abilities. Since the devas and planetars that are summoned are level 25 creatures and the monster manual lists them as much lower level creatures, I have chosen a class for each of the creatures and increased their statistics according to their class.

Version 8 is due to the hard work of @TotoR who, with Caedwyr's blessing, tracked down and fixed a lot of the old bugs and made a number of overall improvements. As if that wasn't enough, the mod now has a nice, new cosmetic component (based on @Demivrgvs work in Spell Revisions), a preview of which I'll add to below.


v9 changelog

  • Fixed a fairly dumb and egregious bug from CamDawg where the new spell cloning code was corrupting creature files
  • Fallen Devas from the Blackguard HLA are now covered
  • The Deva and Planetar Animations component will now affect the bogstandard celestials in the game, and no longer requires the main component

v8 changelog

  • Add LABEL to both components
  • Add a new component from Spell Revisions: deva and planetar animation. As this component fits really well and was already designed with P&P celestials in mind, I have integrated it directly in this mod. I have updated it with P&P skin and hair colors for various devas and planetars and fixed CTD (missing two-handed flag mostly) - thanks Demivrgvs
  • Create Dark Planetar and Fallen Deva:
    • Dark Planetar is created from a planetar without priest spells (Fallen). For balance purposes those spells are replaced by mage spells. In addition to innate Holy Word, Heal and Cure Serious Wounds spells are replaced by Unholy Word, Harm and Cause Serious Wounds.
    • Fallen deva is created from the Astral deva, with less dexterity (16 was 19), but more strength (19 was 17) and constitution (16 was 15) to compensate the lake of diversity. Innate Heal and Cure Serious Wounds spells are replaced by Harm and Cause Serious Wounds.
  • Corrected XP of deva and planetars to match P&P Source
  • Update planetar immunities to add protection from gas spells
  • Add always-active True Sight for Planetars and remove detect invisibility ability as it is now useless
  • Add always-active infravision to all devas and planetars (P&P) and remove the spell-like ability
  • Removed shapeshift and polymorph self spells - why would you polymorph into a weaker creature?
  • Removed the call Planetar spell from the Movanic Deva - it is too powerful and not P&P
  • Update levels of all devas and Planetars to more match P&P (add +2 levels vs. books) and keep balanced. it used to be too overpowered in comparison with Vanilla. Now: Astral Deva is fighter lv 14 with 121 hp (15 cons), Monadic Deva is fighter lv 12 with 132 hp (18 cons), Movanic Deva is fighter/mage lv 10/10 with 96 hp (16 cons), Fallen Deva is fighter lv 14 with 130 hp (16 cons), Planetar is fighter/priest lv 16/9 with 146 hp (16 cons), Fallen Planetar is fighter/mage lv 16/9 with 146 hp (16 cons)
  • Add compatibility with Item Revisions, specifically the Rod of Smiting (ca#monrd.itm)
  • Add a save vs death at -2 for the vorpal effect of the planetar swords and add immunity to effect for sensible creatures (slimes, constructs, incorporeal creatures, &c.)
  • Corrected typo for planetar boots
  • Removed the weird puff effect (noattack.spl)
  • Set Enchantment to +3 for Mace of Disruption + 3 (P&P) and update trad with +3 ; add a probability of 50% for the senseless ability (P&P) to simulate that the mace need two consecutive attacks to trigger it
  • Weapons are now visible with all animations (SOLAR animation and new animation)
  • Restore Teleport Without Error (resource was present but not installed) - but removed it from innate. it will be used only by script
  • Create Unholy Word for Fallen Planetar
  • Create a special limited wish spell for planetar, and make it more combat oriented: it shows now only repeatable wishes
  • Correction to Anti-Magic Shell, now it works correctly
  • Recreate script to add it with the 'COMPILE' command to allow check of incompatibilities
  • Some update to the script to consider planetar immunity to gas spell
  • Add missing idents in state.ids and stats.ids for compatibility with oBG2
  • Update script to remove typo, useless blocks, triggers
  • Add missing spells for the Monadic deva
  • Add new blocks for new spells added for fallen planetar
  • script update: Add trigger for combat-oriented spells and out-of-fight spells and globally remove blocks that target PCs, as it is a wast of time and take too long in a fight. Those spells could always be used manually.
  • Some bug fixes and code modernization from CamDawg:
    • Improved Invisibility 10' Radius was not providing the +4 save bonus on oBG2 games
    • Various celestials had incomplete immunities, e.g. they would block the actual petrification effect but still report 'Petrified' in the combat feedback
    • The description of Anti-Magic Shell had extra line breaks which would cause the in-game description to be very wonky
    • The various 'at-will' innate spells could be lost until the next rest if the caster was interrupted
    • Innate spells that were cloned from existing spells were not being blocked/reflected/removed like their source spells
    • More innate spells are now cloned from their underlying spells for better compatibility: Symbols, Death, Fear, and Stun; Improved Invisibility 10' Radius; Protection from Evil 40' Radius; Protection from Good 40' Radius
    • Detect Pits and Snares would spam 'Find Traps' every round instead of the correct 'Detect Pits and Snares'
    • Various abilities will now use EE's engine features, e.g. filtering to block effects (Charm Elemental) or spell stacking (Resist Cold)
    • If EE Fixpack is installed, spells will integrate into its better immunity and cure systems
    • Since innate spell descriptions are available in-game on the EEs, descriptions fields will no longer contain random strings
Edited by CamDawg
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They don't--solars and fallen solars retain their original animations, only planetars and devas change. To that end, I'm also not going to break it into subcomponents, as (e.g.) only updating planetars means that solars and devas would use the same animations.

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16 hours ago, ImoensPinkHair said:

1) Is this compatible with SCS?

SCS is compatible with PnP Celestials, but not the opposit.

16 hours ago, ImoensPinkHair said:

2) Would I install this very late in my mod install order?

It should be installed after mods that alter spells and items, but before kits, tweaks and SCS.

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