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Branwen's Romance core lovetalks were alpha-tested and are beta-testing ready.


Additional interjections for Imoen, Branwen's and Ajantis' flirtpacks, PID's options are being worked on.

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Version 9 - the Phase I-II with crucial fixes and some never before seen interjections - shall be available for public download soon.


The work continues on the emotionally charged end of things :thumbsup:


Some interesting new texts had been submitted as well, for customized PIDs (great job everyone :) ) and directly from Theodur to druids with wisdom are 3 class-specific talks for druid PC with Jaheira

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I am very pleased to present Kulyok who is bringing in Xan's Romance for which she had already written core lovetalk sequence. She will start working on Flirt-Pack and a bit of additional content/ties in with what have been done so far and then I will have it implemented. It will push back the Phase III release, but since a great amount of work was already done, it should not be a significant delay. So, please join me in welcoming Kulyok on board! :)

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Yay! :) Great thing Kulyok! ;)


Fits in perfectly as my comp died this morning so the Ajantis flirts might take a bit longer to finish than I planned. (The situation is not hopeless, though, so don't worry.)


But still :D:(:) (Sorry for wallowing.)

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*Waves* Thanks!


Sorry about your computer - I had such a problem two years ago, and it was very nasty. :-( And now my computer at work also started to make some strange sounds recently; hope it will not repeat your comp's dreary fate (though, of course, all hope is futile and foolish - *sighs*). But just in case, I save my work in the mailbox, and repeat the process every few hours.

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-the final draft of Xan's Romance (including the flirtpacks) from Kulyok is on the 'ready to be coded pile'. Great job! I am especially greatful for Kulyok's efforts to integrate the earlier existing content into the romance. :)


-I have volounteers to help me out with coding of Dynaheir's and Imoen's Quests at least partially.


-and we are testing - with great thanks to Theodur, Kulyok and Culain for giving it a run (or ten). :D

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Jolyth's version of Branwen's romance has been dropped at the writer's request. As I have coded and we group-tested the whole thing already, and I do not like people's honest work wasted, I have realeased the ready version to Jolyth' custody to do as she pleases with it and release at her convenience with any modding group. I hope she does and I hope that the TUTU players will have access to it though not via BG1NPC.

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That is tough for the project. We now stand at 3 romance options for female PC's and 2 for male PC's, with Shar-Teel not having as full-fledged romance as the rest of them, if I'm not mistaken. This leads to a question, after Branwen's demise, will we now consider a new romantic option for a male PC to make it more equal for male and female PC's?

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Shar-Teel's is as large as Branwen's :) If a writer comes in with good knowledge of the project and brings in a pretty much ready to code romance which the Czar/ina/Guardian likes, the way Kulyok did with Xan, I would gladly rectify the inequality and code it up. But if that does not happen...

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And now back to the good news: Kulyok had stepped in and started the principle writing on the new Branwen's Romance for BG1NPC. :) Three cheers and brightly woven.

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