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19th august (1811) - well, it is the date when the exclusive Imperial Lyceum in Carskoje Sieło (Russia, near St. Petersburg) was opened. One of the greatest russian poet, A.S. Puszkin, studied there(btw since 1811).

Is it that, what you mean :)

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Some new and cute SEKRIT stuff added to Coran's Romance to give the poor elf a chance to compete with the bright knight and melancholic sorcerer (as if!). You'll have to find it, but there is now a flirt option that unlocks seven new NPC-initiated flirts come the night. :) Don't look at me - it was Kulyok's idea, I just had time on vacations to write it up!

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O yes, you can. I appreciate the shortest test runs as long as I have reports (with bugs or without). I am hoping to put out 8th alpha with the fixed ending for Coran's romance and Hanali's cycle tomorrow night and I need a couple of runs on that. If you'd like to test any other aspect, you can jump in immediately.

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Many, many congratulations to you, Domi! And to the rest of the team as well! You guys worked hard, but believe me when I say that people will enjoy this mod for a good long time! Just as TuTu changed BGI forever, the BGINPC Project will no doubt change TuTu forever! I can't play BGI without either of them now!


So, congrats to everyone! You guys deserve a big ole round of aplause!

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Placed into the perpetual maintenance: Bug fixes, polishing the mod based on players' feedback. There are plans to add a quest or two in and more interjections for a couple of characters (Quayle and Safana mainly). Anything else will be announced separately.

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