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Hello all,

I finally wrapped up the past 6 months of minor bug fixes into v22.1. It also includes more German translations from Kerzenburgforum.

Changes for Version 22.1 - 2015-12-01

  • Correcting typos in German tra files [isaya]
  • More German translations (Teiluebersetzung vom Kerzenburgforum, teilweise noch in englisch,http://kerzenburg.baldurs-gate.eu/)
  • Minor bug fixes
    • Fix: Invulnerable Lake Poets
    • Fix: Xzar's Quest journal entries not working on BGEE
    • Fix: Removing Allegiance(Myself,0) checks in x#xzjell.baf and x#xzslim.baf
    • Fix: Khalid held/sleeping/etc.. blocks Jaheria-Beador dialog
    • Adding timer for Jaheria's "Bury Gorion" talk
    • Adding death variable for Bheren
    • Fix: Minsc stutter bug at Lighthouse
    • Fix: Minsc-Vitiare stutter issue
    • Fix: Ch 6 dialog option appears to thank Hull for burying Gorion even if CHARNAME buried him

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Greetings! I'm Itomon from BG forums and I'm kind of started a Localization of this mod on my own for Brazilian Portuguese (my mother language). I wonder if that's ok and/or how can I get your support on doing this properly, since I have like zero experience about modding.


Plus, may be sort of obvious but I really love this mod and the love and effort everyone put to it. That is why I really wanted to support this somehow: allowing more Brazilian players to reach and enjoy this masterpiece!



Itomon (gustavo ito)

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Version 22.4 is released. Get it at:

Changes for Version 22.4 - 2017-01-04

* Updates for Jaheira's "Bury Gorion" dialogue

* Updates to Kagain's Quest

* Update BGEE Banter Tweak prompts

* Change Shar-teel's interjection on meeting Kagain

* Update Lord Foreshadow's Ring Description

* Ajantis Bhaaltalks - variable correction

* Fixing Minsc's interjection with Vitiare

* Check before adding "missing" items to BGEE games (SoD adds many of the previously missing items)

* Portraits: Make filenames consistent with naming scheme, i.e. %SOURCE_RES%s.bmp

* Portraits: Replaced BGEE portraits with new 169x266 images

* Portraits: Added a few new portraits

* Fix for 2 Legacy of the Masters gauntlets in Bandit Camp

* Make Amulet of the Apprentice Mage unusable by Monks

* Updates to dragon animations for Romance Challenges

* Update BGT_VAR for EET support

* Update x#tqbh2.cre sex to match animation

* Enforce LoveTalk timer on Branwen romance post-rest talks

* Fix Colquetle Family Amulet bug

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