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Free website design program?


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Does anyone know of a user-friendly free or very cheap shareware website design program? I have to design a website on ancient Mesopotamian trade routes by February 27th for my archaeology course, and regardless of what my professor seems to think, I don't have time to learn html :D.

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Check with your university and see if they have a partnership with Microsoft. The last two schools I attended both offered various Microsoft products (including Windows, Office, etc) for extremely low prices, i.e., under $20. I purchased Front Page 2003 this way from the University of Texas (through the campus computer store). Front Page is horrific for making more permanent websites, but for something "quick 'n dirty" it's pretty easy to use, and usually comes with ready-made templates.

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I tried a whole bunch of programs, but Nightmare was right, Netscape Composer was the way to go. Too bad the new version of Netscape doesn't include it, but I'm using what came with 7.2.


Anyway, here's the site so far, if anyone has a burning interest in ancient Sumer. It's supposed to be almost complete by Friday, and I can't believe I made it, considering I had two exams this week too.

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Nice site, Neriana.  Any chance of putting up some information about Napishtim (I apologize for the misspelling of the name) or of Gilgamesh and Enkidu?

I have a link and a couple of references to Gilgamesh and Enkidu there, but all these myths and stories would take more time than I have to do them justice. Napashtim could very well = Ziusadra, as they both were men who built arks to survive the flood. I'll be putting up the website links tomorrow (or tonight if I'm really motivated when I get home after class at 9:30 PM -- hah!), and there's a TON of info with those, lots of which refer to Gilgamesh. I might revisit the site later in the term and continue adding stuff about myths, culture, economic and political structure, etc., if I have time. It's definitely a fascinating subject.


Andyr: Yeah, history major and English minor, or history and English double major, depending on how many more classes I'd need in the English. So not a "historian" quite yet, but hopefully getting there. :) This particular class is archaeology, it's a ton of work but very interesting.

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