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Sarevok's bio also includes a Deathbringer reference and he does have the Deathbringer assault ability that triggers occassionally in combat (this is sans Ascension):


He studied the art of intimidation, the cruelest and most brutal styles of combat, in order to become a Deathbringer that could paralyze an opponent in melee through fear alone... as well as sometimes killing the most powerful of opponents in a single, massive blow. 

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Imoen and Nalia again. A suggested kit:

ADVENTURER: A jack-of-all-trades, not so much a thief as a character who takes advantage of the general thiefly skills on adventures. An Adventurer is preferred by many adventuring parties, because he is much less likely than other thieves to betray or steal from his own companions. The successful Adventurer knows the value of trust and cooperation, while many a "street thief" has been raised on duplicity and (sometimes literal) backstabbing.



- +20% to open locks and find/remove traps



- No backstab multiplier

Comments please.

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- +20% to open locks and find/remove traps

Why not 15 and to the others at least PP and sneak also? They could be useful for adventurers.
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This would be the reason (specifically the last sentence):

Skill Progression: Adventurer thieves tend to spread their skill improvements as evenly as possible, to allow them to deal with the many different challenges the adventuring life presents. If there is any concentration, it is usually on opening locks or finding and removing traps, since these skills are probably used most often.
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Okay, after having stated in the opening thread that I was going to limit this mod to existing kits, I am now planning a third new one - a Deathbringer. Does anybody (probably NiGHTMARE) know of any canon references to deathbringers?

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The kit's actually called the Deathstalker - deathbringer assault is just one of its abilities. It's supposed to be a cleric kit, but of course since Bhaal's dead, a Deathstalker wouldn't recieve any spells and thus it can be used as a fighter kit :D.


Speciality Priests (Deathstalkers)

REQUIREMENTS: Con 12, Wis 14

PRIME REQ.: Con, Wis


WEAPONS: All bludgeoning and piercing weapons

ARMOR: All armor up to and including chainmail; no shields

MAJOR SPHERES: all, astral, charm, combat, elemental, healing, law, necromantic, summoning

MINOR SPHERES: divination, creation, guardian, time

MAGICAL ITEMS: Same as clerics

REQ. PROFS: Hunting, ceremonial dagger



• There is a 1% chance per level that any physical blow inflicted with a ceremonial dagger by a deathstalker on a man-sized or smaller creature is devastatingly potent in aim and effect, and the victim is immediately reduced to 0 HP.


• At 7th level, deathstalkers may cast finger of death (as the 7th level Wizard spell) once per month


• At 10th level, deathstalkers may engage in plane skipping. Plane skipping involves the deathstalker travelling to Bhaal's area of Gehenna, moving through that plane, and then traveling back into the Prime Material Plane at his or her destination. In general, each 10 feet moved through Gehenna equals 1 mile of distance on the Prime Material Plane. Direction does not matter in Gehenna, since the will of Bhaal and the intention of the traveler determines where she or he comes out.


The plane skip takes a turn to prepare for the movement into Gehenna and another turn to return plus travel time in Gehenna. This form of travel is 100% reliable under normal circumstances, but it cannot pierce magical shields, areas sanctified to the forces of good, anti-magical areas, or areas that cannot be reached from the Outer Planes. Plane-skipping deathstalkers are not protected while in Gehenna, since Bhaal considers those capable of traveling to his homeland capable of protecting themselves. Deathstalkers may take one person with them for every two levels of experience over 10th they possess.


• At 11th level, deathstalkers may summon an aerial servant (as per the 6th-level priest spell). This servant will fight for the deathstalker (contrary to normal restrictions on the spell) and can act as a magical assassin. Only one aerial servant may be summoned per month, and only one may be controlled at a time.


BTW Andyr's planning to make a cleric version of the kit for LoI :D


EDIT: oh yeah in case anyone wants to know, these are the four 2E books which detail the various speciality priests:


Faiths & Avatars - Lesser, Intermediate and Greater powers of the Forgotten Realms' Human pantheon.


Powers & Pantheons - Demipowers of the FR Human Pantheon, plus the Chultan, Mulhorandi and Untheric pantheons.


Demihuman Deities - the Drow, Dwarven, Elven, Gnomish and Halfling pantheons.


Warriors & Priests of the Realms - alternative speciality priests for the FR Human pantheon.


For the Orcish deities, this site has them in the same format as F&A, P&P and DH, though obviously these descriptions are fanon rather than canon.


The 3E books detailing the deities is Faiths & Pantheons, which includes all of the above deities, but of course no speciality priests.

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I have added 'Cannot dual-class' as the disadvantage of the truesword kit. Mazzy wants to be a paladin so her kit can come with one of the disadvantages of the paladin class.

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Thanks again NiGHTMARE. An FYI for those that don't want to continue to bug NiGHTMARE for things like this (okay perhaps its for my information), Powers & Pantheons, Demihuman Deities & Warriors & Priests of the Realms are all available for download at SVGames for about $5 a pop. Irritatingly Faiths & Avatars is not available.

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As one of Sarevok's most appealing features is the ability to dual him to a mage I have decided not to add much to the deathbringer kit. Giving the kit more abilities would mean I'd really have to disable dual-classing to prevent Sarevok being uber-powered. Therefore, this kit will essentially be for feel only.

DEATHBRINGER: A Deathbinger is not, as the name suggests, a bloodthirsty killer, but a master of the fine art of intimidation in combat. Every stance and gesture is designed to maximize their opponent's fear and minimize their own. The goal is to so frighten the opponent that they are unable to fight back. Eventually it is possible for them to kill with a single blow, not from physical damage but from mental.


A Deathbringer's first instinct is to cause fear. As a result, it is difficult for Deathbringers not to intimidate people and, indeed, determine when not to intimidate people. Their body language outside combat makes people pause and worry. However, they can easily recognize and suppress any fear in themselves. Their goal is to frighten not be frightened.




- Immune to fear and morale failure

- From 6th level can cast Spook (as the 1st level wizard spell) once per day per 5 levels

- At 11th level gains Deathbringer Assault



- -3 penalty to Wisdom and Charisma

Note, I've basically ignored the Deathstalker kit.

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We were going to code some more Thief kits for LoI, the Adventurer could easily be added to them. :D


I was also going to to a Deathstalker Cleric kit too, for a SEKRIT reason. The Deathbringer kit for Sarevok looks nice too.

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I've had a busy day today. I thought I'd fill you in. The Adventurer kit is up and running, both Imoen and Nalia can have this new kit. I have recoded Kit Anomen to fit in with this larger mod. Korgan is now a Battlerager. The Deathbringer is pretty much done but I haven't worked out a description yet so its kind of stalled at the moment. I haven't touched the Truesword kit yet.


For reasons I won't bore you (read: coding) with I have decided that Imoen and Nalia won't be able to get a mage kit without first having the Adventurer kit. I have also decided to provide the option to have any of the mage kits listed in the first post in this thread. The mage kit thing has become a pain in the arse. I am going to have to implement the extra spell per level manually, and also remove any opposition school spells from Imoen and Nalias' spell books. I am hoping the extra spell per level is not going to be an issue. If it is, I may have to abandon these components. I wonder if I can get a mage clab file to work?


@Andyr & NiGHTMARE, you are welcome to use the Adventurer kit in LoI. I haven't implemented any HLAs, because I didn't need them. Using the standard table would be fine but a replacement for Assassination/Whirlwind Attack is needed. Suggestions?

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I wish you luck with the extra spell per level. I tried it once with a ring and it was pure disaster on the one hand and a stroke of good fortune on the other if you wanted to have level 9 spell slots maxed out. *sigh*

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