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Is this mod teh c00l?


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I liked it. My biggest problem was that there were some dialogue inconsistencies (rushing to chapter 4 to rescue Imoen early will trigger some banters about still having to rescue her, for example). Apart for that, it was quite enjoyable.


I like it, too. I just wish Auren talked to other NPC's, other than Nalia, of course. That is the only downer for me.

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Mod NPC banters are no more likely than BioWare ones to come up on a banter call. Sometimes you just don't get them.



Ah, that may be it. I only get the Auren/pc and the Auren/Nalia ones. I have had Auren in several games and she has, for me at least, never spoken with any other of my Bioware party members. Bummer. :p

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Auren banters with all but two NPCs I think. They are area coded with a wide range of areas so you must be in that area for the talks to trigger. I tried to script them so that you wouldnt have to wait around for half an hour for the banters to fire but just in case, my advice is to not rush through the game.


What a fun thread!


Honestly, though if you guys have played through the mod and have some spare time on your hands, this modder would really appreciate a few comments over on the reviews thread.


Just so I know what to and not to throw in for ToB. :p

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Just as a reminder, the Banter file materials may never fire in a game, no matter how long you wait. They are called from the pool of available (condition-met) dialogues! Each NPC you add adds more banters to the list, and that queue of available banters can get pretty long. To test to see whether it is working out, try the ctr-I thing - I can't remember right now, theacefes, even though I studied your coding, are these banters (B file) or scripted dialogues (Joined File)?

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Just to clarify, Auren's banters with Nalia are scripted, as in timed.


As to my earlier post, K'aeloree's post was probably not in answer to it: CTRL-I really doesn't trigger non-scripted banters in multi-player mode. Only in single player mode. Got the tip-off from Meira, who also usually plays multi-player.


The following link describes the phenomenon.



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