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Does Gavin need a custom item?


Custom Item  

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And if you need one more point in favor of 'no special item', it's that BG1 mostly went with 'special ability'. Imo it was more personal than a 'special item', simply because you get into a bind - either you script the item to belong squarely to the NPC (which is a bit funny, with the exceptions of *very rare* cases, ie Xan's Moonblade) or they are transferrable, and then the NPC's special thinggie becomes loot.

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I got this when trying to vote 'Misc. - Yes' (twice):

You did not choose a poll choice to vote against. Please go back and ensure you click on one of the radio buttons next to the choice you wish to vote for
Anyway I think all clerics should have a holy symbol of some sort symbolising their faith. Even if for no other reason than I seem to recall it being a PnP requirement if they want to turn undead and perhaps other things. There are enough of the other types of items you mentioned in the game I think (unless you were doing something fairly unique).
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Yeah, and he's available early, too, so there is absolutely no reason for a level 1 cleric from a tradesman background to have any of that stuff.


That's a good route to follow, I believe. Most of the BG2 NPCs who had special items were nobility, who had every reason to have magical heirlooms. If Gavin's background makes him unlikely to have such an item, it'd be better to leave him without one. There's plenty of fine goodies for him to pick up anyway.


I agree that the holy symbol would be a good touch though. You could always add an upgrade later for people patient enough to hang on to it. :p

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Didn't vote, but I echo the sentiment - his personality and playability look like there will be enough player reward for installing him that you don't ned an item to bribe players into playing him. Plus, it does not fit your description - an awkward, average (ok, above-average, but you know what I mean :D ) dude caught up in the river of events. I love the campaigns where when you get a +1 magic short sword, you are in awe of it. Monty Haul ampaigns always seem flat.


Now, if he has a quest item at the biginning of BG2 or TOB, then I withdraw... that could be really cool. But I think that is probably next year, when you begin on the BG2/TOB story arc. <<<- note subtle hint here - <<<<

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The holy symbol wouldn't need to be something powerful and elaborate. It could perhaps be just a wooden votive Gavin himself carves during his travels, as a tribute to his god (I'm not even sure who this is and haven't seen much discussion of it, which seems very odd for a cleric). When complete, it could do nothing, as you suggest, or something very minor, like a casting bonus 5-10% of the time, or a +1 bonus against certain monsters hated by his god (and you could even nerf that further by putting a percentage on it too). Items like this make great roleplaying devices IMO. And I'm not sure where the suggestion comes from that clerics shouldn't get holy symbols until level 25... unless it's just an observation from existing items (and perhaps BG2 ones at that) which shouldn't really be a guide. In 1st edition, I'm pretty sure clerics had to have a holy symbol to cast divine spells and/or turn undead. Maybe they changed this in 2nd-3rd edition but what kind of priest doesn't have some sort of token of his faith? At the end of the day, it might be garnish, but then so are flirts, banters and, well... even NPCs for that matter. :D

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I think I've made up my mind about 2 things:


No special item for Gavin for BG1.


Gavin will have a quest in BG2 that will involve the acquisition of a holy symbol that will *not* be anything like the holy symbols granted at level 25. It will be something relatively minor, but cool, like it grants him one extra spell per level or a a casting time reduction.


Thanks for the ideas! I'm starting to think about BG2 'bout now, since the bulk of the writing for BG1 is winding down, so this info is timely!

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