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Requiem-MoTB Released

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IWD has the better setting compared to the BG series IMHO, but it is a game without NPCs talking back at you and admiring your backside while you chunk that evil whatshisname. For me the north is the much nicer backdrop for adventuring and you get a nice story in both IWD and IWD2. I would shop for one of those all in one packages which now seem the be available here in abundance.


It is not that many decent RPGS are going to steal your time any time soon.

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I dunno, I was never really impressed by IWD1. It's ruleset was archaic even when it just came out, it made no changes to BG1 vanilla at all it seemed, and the story... I can't even remember anything about it now, excpet that a little girl was a demon... The music was stellar, the art very, very good, but I really like the 3D environments on the widescreen nowadays, especially with a grain of artistry....


IWD2 has a very well adapted 3.5 Edition (yay!), and still have the Autopause (another yay!) and it has a good political set-up, that is sadly unused.


Neither game is ground-breaking, imo, but IWD2 just have that extra level of innovation and a bit of spice to it that makes me like it much, much more than IWD1.

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I'll quote another forum goer on his thoughts regarding the essence of IWD1 (and 2, obviously without the Joinable NPC mod)



Originally Posted by Redrake View Post

They should have wrote a book about Icewind Dale 1&2 games.

I'll save you the trouble:


while (!found_ancient_evil) { DestroyZone(); }


You spend the entire game running to the next zone destroying random things. Is the tomb filled with undead a problem? No? Well, it won't be for long! What about the temple of Auril worshipers? No? Well, it won't be for long! Repeat ad naseum. The games were fun, but not much plot or character development.


Also, Requiem looks like a must include mod if I ever play NWN2.

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IWD2 was better than IWD1 in my opinion, as Domi said, with a richer background to the game, but aside from the lack of NPCs (which can be fixed with IWDNPC) I found both games to be just a touch too linear for me.


Sure both BG1 and BG2 have a set of major plot points that must be done in order, but both games have a slight sandbox element that lets you go over here, do a side quest, wander back over there, do a side quest, do a main plot quest, wander off and kill stuff randomly, that kind of thing. IWD1&2 have side-quests, but they do tend to be of the "walk 50 feet further into this map which consists of one long path, kill that thing over there and get me my thing back" variety. In that regard, they're much like many of the RPGs I've played recently, and I wouldn't complain about AU$10 for them.

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yeah, I see where you are coming from, but one good thing related to it at least in IWD2 is that it has the true sense of urgency, as opposite to BG2, where it was false. But yep, it's something i am thinking about. ;)

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It's true that the sandbox element could have been better handled, as it was in the Fallout games by making the goal require some investigating to find. It might have been better to make the Shadow Thieves a little harder to find, or to make the various steps in the progression take more time in between them to give the player an excuse to go wandering off.

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I've never played NWN 1 but my hubby bought me NWN 2 and I plan to install and begin playing it. I need a little advice though - should I install a couple of these mods especially Bishop's Romance on a first run through or would it be best if I played the "plain" game first? Does it matter?

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