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NWN 2 Baldur's gate remake


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Sorry Berelinde, you've inserted your post exactly in a moment when I was posting mine. It was to MichaelFurlong, capslock shouting and telling other people that they're imbeciles because they want to discuss whole problem - not only your petty question - isn't best way of behaving.

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Figured that was the case, but MichaelFarlong did pose a valid question, and people were kind of ignoring it to discuss the advisability of converting BG to NWN2. Granted, it isn't unusual for topics to go off in different directions.


As for porting mods to the NWN2 engine, I guess we'll just have to see if the conversion is ever finished, and if it is, how many modders want to put in the effort of making NWN2 mods out of their old ones.


@Ardanis :suspect:

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I've been at this since BG was released. I've heard so many wonderful ideas for this or that, ideas on conversion and ideas on porting BG, BG2, IWD, etc to game platform X. Know how many ideas actually pan out? Probably in the 5-10% club. Once someone has this grand idea and they actually start to work on it, they see it will take a lot of work and give up.


Now porting a game? I really would like to see someone or a collection of individuals try to port a game over, word for word, story for story. No bits and pieces of the game, I mean the real deal, all of it.


I'm not cynical or jaded, just a realist.

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why would you want to have bg in another game engine anyways?


as for porting, id like to see the game ported to one of the next-gen consoles like the 360.

leave it as it is or maybe a mod or two (if possible) and relaunch the game on the console systems and open up a new crowd to the game, esp the younger folks who dont know of the game (since it is 10+ yrs old now)


What do you think of that?


Be a lot better having the originals (BG1 and BG2) on the consoles then the mess of BG: DA.


I do remember them trying to do so on the playstation 1 but was given up on. I have also seen torrents available of BG1 for the Playstation that can be burnt and played on there.

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In references to my last post: Admittedly I sound a bit rude and not addressing my comments didn't help, but this was not intentional. I was not demanding that my question be answered and damn everyone else (center of the world), nor was I getting "upset".


My problem was (more or less) this line from Solaufein:

"Any conversions of making the old IE games with any new game engine is just a waste of time. It would be a large task that would require a large amount of people working on it daily."

Whether starting the mod was worth the time or not is a rather redundant and pointles comment to make considering the mod is already (allegedly) nearing completion (what "near" is for a mod several years old is questionable). The poster either hadn't read my OP or he had been rudely dissmisive of the hard work a group of modders had put into a project over several years, which I doubt he ment and just hadn't fully read my OP and so I clarified it.

Though I do accept that the part of my post that said "I didnt ask . . . . . whether doing so is a waste of time" was ruder than I could of put it, I guess the thought that he could of been so dissmisive of other modder's hard work made me see red a bit.


Also Domi wrote:

"There is actually Bg1 conversion to NWN2 going, and had been going pretty much ever since NWN2 came out."

Essentially pointing me to the mod I was talking about in my OP. Not that I have a problem as s/he was friendly and trying to be helpful but hadn't understood my OP.


My reaction was somewhat "short", but not overtly rude and I can't help but think some posters assumed my meaning and tone to be particularly hostile.



@Berelinde: Thanks for the informative reply, model work would be quite time consuming and it didn't occur to me at first how even a largely text based mod can still add an NPC or two which would require modeling.

Thank you for your post defending me, it is somewhat aggravating to start a thread and have posters ignore the main body of the OP, that aggravation contributed to my second post coming across ruder than I ment it. Threads always end up meandering but I am used to people at least trying to address the main body for the first few posts.


@Lynx: I ran across an old demo, it took me a good half hour to track down an up to date thread on the subject, from what I can remember work is going slowly but they are working on it. I saw models for Baldur's gate, most of the NPCs and a few weapons. I just did a quick search and got some info from 2009. I will post them below.


@Theacefes: The main point of my second post was clarifying my OP in that people arn't THINKING about making a mod, they HAVE made the mod, so discussing the pros and cons of starting said mod is rather pointless isn't it? Especially if it ends up derailing the thread. Not that I didn't want people to deviate from my OP at all.


@Yarpen: Please don't put words in my mouth, in what sense did I call anyone an imbecile? I only used capslock on two words to draw attention to the fact that the mod isn't being planned but is nearing release (allegedly). I would say that your accusative manner and assuming the worst in a post is not the best way to behave on the forum either.


@Sirthadeus: I am not sure what exactly you mean, but I would not mind computer game companies remaking older games, updating graphics and game mechanics, adding extra features and the like. Doubt it will happen any time soon though, saying that, I recently played the settlers 2 10th anniversary edition which was very fun though the A.I. sucked.



Links for threads and images of Baldur's gate in NWN 2 mod:

PW related to BG: http://bgtscc.fomwaa.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=10

Bioware hosted thread: http://nwn2forums.bioware.com/forums/viewt...=111&sp=195

Pictures (from 2009): http://s403.photobucket.com/albums/pp113/d...ner_BG/?start=0

Pictures of a BG2 mod for NWN2: http://s1008.photobucket.com/albums/af201/Shallina_NWN2/

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