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G3 Celebrates its One Year Anniversary


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The Gibberlings Three was founded on September 18, 2003 as the Delainy Forum. Over the past year, the site, projects, and visitors coming to G3 have grown immensely, and we've had a lot of fun building a community with you. On behalf of the modders at G3, we'd like to express our gratitude to you for helping make G3 what it is today. As our gift to you, we reveal The Gibberlings Three Anniversary Mod!


This mod was a collaborative effort of a lot of the resident G3 modders and marks not only a celebration of the past year but our gratitude to you for helping make G3 what it is today. This is a WeiDU mod for Baldur's Gate II that adds one long quest to the Shadows of Amn portion of the game. Learn more about it on its page, view the readme, check out its shiny new forum, or head to the downloads page.


On behalf of myself and the modders of G3, thank you for an enjoyable year and many more to come!

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Cool stuff. This is definitely a testament to how far IE modding in general has come, with over a dozen completed mods in such a relatively short period of time. If only I was productive enough to make a mod a month. :D As it stands, I think my average is roughly in the range of .5 mods / year.


But enough of my melancholy, I hope G3 has many more mods and birthdays yet to come.

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