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Other cities than Athkatla and BG...


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Hi all,


I wonder if any of you folks has some pictures or sketches of some cities from FR other than Athkatla and BG. E.g. Crimmor, etc, etc... I would like to make one another in 3ds Max, but I´m running out of ideas. So any pictures would do (coloured, b&w,...)...


As many as you have, post it please. Or send them to me via mail: kiski@centrum.sk


Thanks in advance :rolleyes:

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Much of AD&D settings are modeled on the real world where the details are left up the DM. Your best bet would be to gather as much AD&D material, guess what real world city it resembles, and look on google earth to see what the cityscape is like.


EDIT: As an architecture student, I'll recommend you to do some freehand concept sketches before delving into 3D modeling.



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There are some sketches in modules (like Lands of Intrigue) of places like Crimmor etc. But they don't show the whole layout of the town if that's what you're looking for (though there are maps also). I think I posted them on BWL when you asked the same question (like years ago now).

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To recommend some of the most detailed cities from NWN mods . . . Almraiven (in Calimshan) from "Almraiven," by FesterPot, is amazing. His blog is here, and I think it has some are pics on it: http://aurensociety.blogspot.com/


Tiberius209's "Saleron's Gambit" series has some nice area designs; if I recall, he did part of Silverymoon in the second module and a smaller town in Cormyr in the fifth one.

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Never thought about NWN 1 as a resource center :) , but it´s an option.
It is actually quite good as a graphics mine (and maybe only good for that :)). You can get walls, textures, furniture, even whole buildings.



Plus you can size them, position them and texture them however you want. Just get NWN Explorer and the NWMax plug-in for 3ds Max (or Gmax) and you can pretty much build your own city if you want, rather than draw it all by hand.

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Btw, have anybody else used NWN models to build a new city?? I haven´t seen much of new area art in mods... Mostly borrowed. Well, maybe there are some I don´t have knowledge about, but still - a mod with brand new city would be a great opportunity for partial TC...

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Someone (Lord Jyssev?) tried to port an actual NWN area to BG2 but it didn't look well, as the perpectives were off etc. But with individually importing the models you can fix that. There are some models that are practically areas in themselves (large castles etc.).

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