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Twisted rune


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I tried to google this, but didn't really get any answers: Is there any in-game clues to Twisted Rune at all? I know the Faerun history about them (some of it), but in a RP I'd like hints to this quest if I should do it.



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Yes, it's one of those powerful two liners:


There is a powerful sense of danger around this door. The lock is of a strange design, and you're having trouble picking it due to the trembling in your fingers.















No turning back now.

And when you bring the rogue stone to the door, it gives another:


You peer into the nothingness behind the door, and the rogue stone in your backpack glows fiercely and disappears. You are pulled into the blackness.

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Yeah, but that doesn't really say anything about the Twisted Rune does it?


There are no books, notes or other references to the Twisted Runes? I know Baltazar's goons kind of mentions it, but within SoA?


Can I find a RP reason to the Rune somehow?



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It's a shame that Twisted Rune plot was not enhanced, especially since both Shandalar and Shyressa are actual Runemasters in D&D sourcebooks. This is insanely powerful group even in FR books. Would love to see all Runemasters perish by Charname's sword/magic eventually.

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I'd love to see a good writer like Kulyok create a mini-mod to tie up all the stuff that involves the Slaver Compound encounter in the Temple District, the Human Skin quest and the Twisted Rune. It would be epic.


The Twisted Rune is such a powerful organization that BG's encounter with 2 Runemasters should actually be even more insanely hard than it already is imo.

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I'd love to see a good writer like Kulyok create a mini-mod

Forget that - I want to see 5-10 modders get together and create a big quest mod, starting after defeating Irenicus, going back to Athkatka & other places, and having certain parts of SoA closed and reserved for this content - the Guarded Compound, fighting Firkraag, the illithids in the sewers, and the Twisted Rune (moved to a big dungeon, instead of some random room in the Bridge District).


Tie everything together with some conspiracies, a power struggle between two evil power groups, something like what's discussed here:



And have the PC come in like Clint Eastwood and sort things out. Some intrigue, some running around, some new areas and nice dungeons, some nice set-piece battles, and Bob's your uncle. Maybe involve Watcher's Keep as something more than just a loot warehouse.


That way, we can nearly excise TOB from the game in its entirety. :)

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Forget that - I want to see 5-10 modders get together and create a big quest mod, starting after defeating Irenicus ...

You sound like you want to play the TDD mod. Or any of the really big mods actually. And Improved Anvil could also be there on the list.
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they're only the guys who ordered the human skin leather.

That explains that Revanek wears no armor! He's waiting for it. :D



Maybe kreso would do a addon for SCS improving and connecting Twisted Rune to the Bhaalspawn saga?

No, he wouldn't - he's utterly ignorant for Weidu (and a few other things as well, but I wouldn't delve into that). I could probably add an Alhoon, a Hive Mother and a Demilich into the area without much trouble. Throw in Imix and a Pit Fiend, you got yourself a party.



Improved Anvil

That reminds me - Twisted golems should be there too! What's a battle without a dozen respawning golems equiped with Carsomyrs anyway?

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