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What is going on with forums?

Sir Kalthorine

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Heh, every forum has its problems, as far as I can judge:


FW - is crashing a lot and has annoying advertising, color choice too bright on their main page.

PPG - color choice is too bright on the main page, displays time you spent there, it is difficult to find profile editing options

G3 - crashes from time to time

BW - is way too slow and has all sort of problems with Guest posting, never tried any profile editing, because - too slow

CoM - horrible colours, other than that never used it much to know if it has other quirks

Bioware - horrible colours, ridiculous log in procedure that kicks you out of the forum once you logged in when trying to reply to a post; not much luck with Guest posting either.

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I wonder what forum can satisfy your needs


Actually I do agree with your listing, except in the case of G3: I had no problems with it so far, it is very fast, has good design etc.

FW's downtimes and advertising also disturbs me a lot: perhaps a PayPal account could be set up and the community could help Neil to run the site (so not just the domain but all other services of Telefragged would also be payed for). We live in the era of (cruel) capitalism, so unfortunately we can't expect anything if we don't pay (enough).

As you have said, unfortunately Black Wyrm is very slow due to some technical difficulties. All I can promise to our dear visitors is that I'll see to it in the next 3-4 months and will definitely solve the problem. As for guest posting: there are no problems at all, guest posting is disabled...

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Actually getting G3 to crash is not that bad, because you get to see "Now you broke my site. Thanks a lot!" or something like that note instead of some weird stuff. It makes up for the experience. ;) As for ideal forum set up, I like the latest Attic's set up and options, appart from forbidding Guest posting in the recent years...

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Maybe Neil should ask UGO (the company who owns the Telefragged network, or is "affiliated" with them, or somesuch) to consider moving FW from TF's servers to theirs. I 've been visiting a UGO site regularly for almost a decade, and have hardly ever had any problems with it ;).

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Steps should be taken, that's a fact.

I just read a topic at FW and noticed that someone also recommended PayPal as I did. I think that would help. However, I also had to realise that the owner seemed to be surprised because of people's complaints: this is a normal phenomenon, FW has lots of visitors so these people are disappointed if the site has problems. Pointing to others won't help: steps must be taken.

FW supports many mods and it'd be a pity if the development of these mods had to be stopped several times, due to these technical difficulties.


Back to the main train of thoughts, the FW forum now produces less errors for me, I hope this tendency will remain.

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