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What is going on with forums?

Sir Kalthorine

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1 AD was an interesting year. Lots of prepostrevisionism. There was also a rogue camel, which was later discovered to be a shrub.

...actually it goes back even further to neolithic times, when men of the first roleplaying caveman tribe used to spend all their time preening themselves and being useless while dragging their women around by their hair and showing them no respect. The tribe eventually died off due to a total lack of sexual chemistry between genders and a resulting reluctance to breed. I believe they were called the "Cro-Magnanomen" tribe ???


On a more serious note - wow, am I glad I started this topic (even though it was only an innocent query about forum availability). It has at least given me an overview of what happened over the last couple of years, and my thanks to all who expressed opinions and gave details on that score. As far as I can tell it is now a case of "different opinions on board style and direction, so different boards as a result, but everyone still welcome everywhere coz in the end we all love the game and thats what counts." I hope I am right, anyway - and this will continue to be my opinion until I experience first-hand evidence to the contrary.


As people who may remember me from the OLD old Bioware forums might recall, I have always been someone who liked people to get along - and with this in mind I do join in Kai's excellent observation in wishing that in time any ill feeling brought about by changes to boards and forums in the BG community is well on its way to full and complete healing (Greater Restoration spell handy, anyone?) ;)


To be honest, having missed the BG community's own version of the "Time of Troubles", I rather feel like someone who was placed into cyogenic suspension while living in a pre-sectarian Ireland, and suddenly being re-awakened to discover that it has now been split into different countries... I don't know where to call home, or indeed if I WANT to call anywhere home in particular. I guess that in the meantime I will have to become the BG community's own version of "The Littlest Hobo" *woof*

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I think DSotSC may have started it all.



Nearly finished it all, too...it all being my computer in that instance.

Indeed... in fact, I had been too ashamed to mention it until now, but my two years absence from the BG community was in fact due to being swallowed by an enormous bug after installing a beta version of DSotSC...


...luckily, the person who inherited my computer decided to install Windows XP Service Pack 2 when it came out earlier this year, and the resultant security incompatibilities caused the bug in question to be spilled out onto the carpet - and it had to regurgitate me in order to be able to scuttle away to safety between a crack in the floorboards.

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I proposed a modding history?

It sounds like a good idea. Perhaps I'll propose it again.

I did make a pretty picture listing the Admins and GM's on various IE forums, to show how 3 or 4 people run everything, but everyone has moved places, or died, or stuff.

However, you may want to know that the 3 or 4 uber-people all had personal links with President Bush, the Saudi Royal Family, and CamDawg.


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I am nothing if not persistent so... ;)


1998 - A YEAR of THE GATE


1998 - BG1 is released


1998 - TeamBG established


1999 - A YEAR OF INFINITY - this year started it all. The modding community sort of emerges (?) from the core players...


1999 - BG1ToSC is released.




2000 - BG2SoA, the sequel to BG1 becomes a widely popular CRPG


c 2000 - Comapny of 8, Planar Sphere Expansion, DSoSC, TDD is released (?)

c 2000 - first fan made fixes are released (?)

c 2000 - CoM forums established


? - NI released

?- Older DU's?


? - IESDP established?


c 2000-2001: Arnel's Nalia and Tashia are out (?)


In 1999-2000 the TeamBG utilities are the main tools on the market




2001- BG2ToB


2001 - A YEAR of WeiDU (?) I think that's when not satisfied with TeamBG tools Weimer creates WeiDU


2001 - WeiDU is created, Weimer works on Solaufein (?)

2001- FWP created to host Kelsey




2002 - FWStudios is established as a separate site from FWP


2002 - Mods stop being a rarity, rather a staple and lots of modded NPCs are in works


2002 - (?) DLTCEP is started in order to create a Total conversion from BG2 to Dragon Lance world and promotes creation of DLTCEP tool


2002 - (?) Big Picture is started as the first attempt to make dialogue.tlk overwriting mods compatible with WeiDU mods.




c 2003 - Blackship (?) forums created


2003 - G3 forums created


2003 - TUTU is created and lunched as the first successful application of Weimer's WeiMORPH


2003 - BGT is made publically available




2004 - PPG created and FWP and FWS are merged into FW


2004 - Icelus' full mod list takes a shape of a database, inheriting the structure from the earlier TeamBG's effort


2004 - TeamBG is hacked and closed down as a result


2004 - BW forum is created

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Igi once proposed doing a "modder family tree" but abandoned it about 10 seconds later when he realized how much work it would be.


There were a couple of attempts at partial modding history submitted to a Blackwyrm contest, but they sadly didn't get much attention.


So, yeah, we'll just stick to our own personal histories which all look a lot like Cramd0g's.

They didn't get much attention because both of them were disqualified. They were problematic. The first one (yours) was very offensive towards those TeamBG people who can't get your humour (and parodising style).

The second one was defending TeamBG, using a modified version of your entry (a person called anonymous sent it in, only the BW Council knows who he is and I won't reveal him since he is very well-known modder and he used "Anon" nick most likely in order to remain anonym).

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TC destroyed by OMG HDD CARSH!!!111

First request for eight party members


First return of someone LEAVING FOREVARR


I think the most well-known will be the public announcement of the After the End's demise in HD crash (2003)

the rest will be c 1998, I presume

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