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VScode for WeiDU

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For any modders out there who haven't given VS Code a try with this extension, I highly recommend it.

It has all the benefits of the old syntax highlighter packages and then some.

Along with the specific IE modding support provided by the extension, you also gain some nice features from VS Code itself:

  • explorer and search for quickly navigating between files in your mod
  • source control support, including comparing changes with side-by-side diffs in the editor
  • terminal window which you can use to interact with git
  • lots of configuration options, extensions, and community support
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This topic is about an extension for Visual Studio Code. Visual Studio Code is a free program that is completely separate from Visual Studio. Yes, it's a little confusing.

VS Code is a fast and lightweight source code editor that's been around for about 5 years, while Visual Studio is a slower and more full-featured IDE that's been around for over 20 years.

There is a free version of Visual Studio (the Community edition) which has almost all the features as the paid versions. If you were looking to get into programming, or game development with Unity, I would recommend the Community edition of Visual Studio.  For Infinity Engine modding, VS Code with this extension is more appropriate.

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Another update for BGforge MLS and IElib. They now support importing IE file formats data from IESDP. Currently, that includes ITM and SPL v1, as well as EFF v1/v2.

You can help to add more formats. In fact, if you want, you can have most of IESDP data right in your IDE. All it takes is just some copy-paste.

The update also features a custom Monokai-based theme designed to make better use of the aforementioned data.


Feel free to share feedback on the forum.

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Edit : I found the issue after thinking seriously about it for 2 minutes. I'll leave up my post in case anyone make the same newbie mistake.

Beware of pathname in the settings.

Doesn't work :


Works :


You need to either escape the name or put it between ", for the compilation command to work.

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It's quite funny to see that someone else is also using the C/C++ preprocessor for "templating" a BAF file. I started last year a party AI script of my own, and I also went with it because I saw a ridiculous amount of repetition. Like, I want to show the "attacking enemies" message like some of the default AI scripts, and of course the number is different in BG1 Or BG2, so I need some basic search and replace.

I've not gone too crazy, though, and I've conceded myself some uglyness, becuase I did not want to use a macro to expand to blocks that are very similar (then I have to type all the ugly backslashes...). I'm a C++ developer by trade, and in modern C++ we try to avoid the preprocessor a lot.

Have you considered using another template language? I've started thinking that one of the more "typical" ones for outputting HTML and the like, could maybe be better suited. Or it's your constraint that you want to make it work with the completion of the language server, and this preprocessor works better?

Thanks for the projects, BTW! I really, really want to dive into them when I find time.

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