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Imoen 4 Ever Compatibility Notes

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Compatibility is a bit on the tough side with this mod since probably all mods assume in SoD that Imoen is not in the party, and in BGII that Imoen is being taken at the Waukeen's Promenade fight and stays in Irenicus' grasps until the PC reaches Spellhold. With the Imoen 4 Ever mod playing BGII gives a totally new gaming experience - at least for those of us who feel bad about Imoen's pain - by taking out the time pressure in chapters 2 & 3.

I hope more mods will be made compatible with Imoen 4 Ever in the future. If you are a modder and would like to make your mods compatible and have questions, please ask.

This thread aims at giving an overview on compatibility, for players as well as modders who want to make their mods compatible with a game with Imoen as a continuous party member - and BGII without the rushed feeling before Spellhold.


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Compatibility Notes for Player: SoD

In SoD, content-wise compatibility could be a problem if NPC mods have dialogues with the PC that assume that Imoen is not in the party but stayed with Duke Jannath to practice magic.

Technically, there should be no compatibility problem with other SoD mods.

Imoen4Ever is definitely compatible with:


This post will be updated if I have more specific info to share.

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Compatibility Notes for Modders: SoD

Currently, the mod only introduces Imoen as a party member in Korlasz's Crypt, up until the transition to the Ducal Palace. Here, the check is easy with a simple InParty() check for Imoen.

In future versions, the mod will set the variable Global("C#IM_ImoenInSoD","GLOBAL",1) for crossmod detection whether Imoen will join the group again at the first coalition camp (or wait at camp, depending on players' choice.)

Inparty Imoen uses the same script name as the original SoD-Imoen (which is Imoen's script name). Both her "final" dialogue inside Korlasz's crypt, as well as the last dialogue state in the Ducal Palace (BDIMOEN 85) stay unchanged in case mod NPCs want to interject (e.g. say goodbye to the PC after defeating Korlasz or say hello/goodbye to Imoen after her recovery).


  • for BG:EE/SoD, Imoen's script name (death variable) is "imoen"
  • for EET, Imoen's DV is "imoen2"
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Compatibility Notes for Players: BGII

In general: There should be no problem with mods that do not introduce talking NPCs in chapter 2 or 3, i.e. all mods with content that either do not include NPCs or where the content kicks in after going to Brynnlaw, e.g. NPC mods starting in the Underdark or ToB mods.

Full compatibility, also content-wise with mods that do insert NPCs in chapter 2&3 or have potentially incomptible content:


Technically compatible, but the mods still refer to Imoen being taken (this only lists mods that might be incompatible due to the mod structure, so this list is incomplete):

  • Saerileth's route to Spellhold if installed *after* Saerileth mod (compatibility component of I4E needs to be installed after). The mod still refers to Imoen be taken, though.


Definitely not compatible:

  • The mod is *not* compatible with my "Imoen Is Stone" mod.
  • I4E is not compatible with the Imoen Romance


Notes to Install Order:

  • Install I4E as soon as possible and treat it as a quest mod.
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Compatibility Notes for Modders: BGII

In I4E, first Imoen will be taken as in the original game after the Promenade fight. She will be released and return to the group as soon as the first meeting with Gaelan is over. After reaching Brynnlaw, she will be taken by a hooded figure, and then be in Spellhold as in the original game. After that, the original game content is unchanged.

The mod does two things to remove referencs to Imoen being taken by the Cowled Wizards:

  • PC reply options where the PC tells about their plan on rescuing her from the Cowled Wizards are tagged with a variable to give true if the NPC is met while she is still being taken (although this is only useful for NPC who can be met on Waukeens Promenade, i.e. Aerie.)
  • Game character references about missing Imoen and PC replies for info on Spellhold that include info about missing Imoen are directly changed using STRING_SET into a remark / question of the same context with reference to Irenicus, instead.

I4E crossmod variable is "C#IM_ImoenStays":

  • Global("C#IM_ImoenStays","GLOBAL",0) - Inside ID, Imoen gets kidnapped, Imoen is taken by the Coweld Wizards at the Promenade
  • Global("C#IM_ImoenStays","GLOBAL",1) - Imoen is back after the PC talked to Gaelan the first time (slums) - Imoen is spawned beside the PC when he leaves Gaelan's house. No missing Imoen here, Imoen is no longer kidnapped.
  • Global("C#IM_ImoenStays","GLOBAL",2) - Imoen gets kidnapped in Brynnlaw, Imoen is taken by Irenicus inside Spellhold, Imoen is kidnapped
  • Global("C#IM_ImoenStays","GLOBAL",3) - Imoen is back, "normal status": after Spellhold, Irenicus took her soul for Bodhi.

Note: During the time until the player enters the slums for the first time, Imoen will be kidnapped like in the original game. I.e. there is time for any "OMG Imoen is gone" talks to happen while the player roams the Waukeens Promenade. I.e. dialogues / banters tagged with Global("C#IM_ImoenStays","GLOBAL",0) could happen here although the I4E mod content will kick in later.
This means: Global("C#IM_ImoenStays","GLOBAL",0) is NOT a check whether the mod is not installed, but a toggle of the game events when the mod content kicks in.

Trigger for NPC mod compatibility (triggers listed here are *additional* to whatever needs to be used to time the dialogues right!):

Use the following triggers for content that could fire with this mod or without (with the right timing):

  1. Dialogues or Banters *with* Imoen that should happen after she is freed in Spellhold that are general enough so they can also fire with this mod (i.e. was kidnapped by Irenicus, soul taken, PC came to rescue her; will fire once Imoen is in party after Spellhold, should not fire in chapter 2 or 3 pre-Spellhold, should fire with or without this mod):
    GlobalGT("Chapter","GLOBAL",3) !Global("C#IM_ImoenStays","GLOBAL",1)
  2. NPC talking / commenting *about* Imoen being taken pre-spellhold meant to fire before getting to her (could also fire in chapter 4 in Brynnlaw after she was kidnapped *with* this mod, should fire in chapters 2,3,4 (Brynnlaw) without this mod):

Use the following triggers for content that should *not* fire with this mod content (i.e. dialogues or banters with or about Imoen that *explicitely* state that she was taken and held by Irenicus since the Promenade fight (should only fire without this mod. Please note that for BGT+EET, you need also e.g. GlobalGT("Chapter","GLOBAL",3) or they could fire in ID.):

  • Global("C#IM_ImoenStays","GLOBAL",0)

Use the following triggers for crossmod content for this mod:

  1. NPC commenting on Imoen being taken but released by the Cowled Wizards, to fire in chapter 2 or 3 or also at the beginning in Brynnlaw until Imoen is taken to Spellhold:
  2. NPC talk to Imoen after Spellhold and explicitely address the fact that she was taken twice, or that she was still taken by Irenicus although the Coweld Wizards let her go the first time he tried to take her with him at the Promenade fight:
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There is a problem with Chloe Mod. This mod will romance Imoen and when Imoen get taken on Brynnlaw, Chloe consider that the main char kicked Imoen so she get angry and she leaves the party. I'm not sure if there is a a way to make Imoen leave the party without using a kick, but rigth now these mods are not compatible after Brynnlaw.

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As of now, I4E and Stronghold Mods are not compatible because of story reasons: Imoen gets the thief Stronghold and there are hostilities with the Thieves' Guild, which in turn means that if these happen in Chapter 3, the player lockes themselves out of their way to Brynlaw via Aran Linvail, which is bad.

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Hello! First of all, thanks for this wonderful mod, it's just what I needed for my play style.

Since I'm planning to use it in my next EET playthrough, I wanted to ask you about the compatibility with some mods. I read what is written in this topic, but I want to make sure anyway.

Here's the list:

1. Shadows over Soubar

2. Check the bodies

3. Ascension, specifically "Rewritten Final Chapter of Throne of Bhaal", "Expanded Epilogues for Bioware NPCs -> David Gaider's expanded epilogues for Bioware NPCs" and "Slightly improved cutscenes, by DavidW: 2.0.10"

4. Adalon's Blood

5. Tower Of Deception

6. Dungeon Crawl

7. Back to Brynnlaw

8. The Sellswords

9. The Reunion

10. Colours of Infinity: Tales of the Deep Gardens

11. Colours of Infinity: Innershade

12. Colours of Infinity - The White Queen

13. Ooze's Lounge: a new area under Athkatlan Slums

14. Colours of Infinity: I Shall Never Forget

15. Eilistraee's Song

16. Fishing for Trouble

17. The Broken Lanthorn

18. Item Upgrade

19. IEP Extended Banter, specifically: "Extended NPC-NPC Interaction SoA", "Extended Minsc/Aerie Interaction ToB", "Imoen "Retrospection" dialogue for BGII", "Wake-Up dialogue for Anomen Romance (By David Gaider with additions from Kulyok) and "Restored Aerie/Jaheira/Anomen interjection in Underdark"

20. Sir Ajantis NPC for BGII (verified, it's in your list)

21. Xan NPC MOD for Baldur's Gate II

22. Chosen of Mystra's Alora NPC Mod

23. Tiax NPC MOD for Baldur's Gate II

24. Angelo NPC MOD for Baldur's Gate II

25. Ninde NPC Mod

26. Xulaye NPC Mod for EET

27. Yvette Romance - BG2 Romance Character

28. Dace Linton NPC Mod for EET

29. Isra for BGII

30. de'Arnise Romance for Baldur's Gate II

31. Chloe for EET

32. Valen

33. Pocket Plane Banter Pack for BG2

34. Viconia Friendship

35. Mazzy Friendship

36. Imoen Friendship

37. Coran NPC MOD for Baldur's Gate II

38. Sarevok Friendship for BGII: ToB

39. Branwen BG2 NPC mod for players and modders

40. Lucy the Wyvern

41. Shards of Ice

41. Every mod and dog

I'll start with these 😆

They're taken from my actual WeiDU log, that I'm attaching. I'll copy and paste the other mods in the next post, in the meanwhile thanks for your support 🙂

I want to install a mega mod game that works as best as possible.


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