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Ascalon's Questpack: Discussion and Bug Report Thread

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On 5/24/2023 at 6:29 PM, jastey said:

@Arkie Awesome, thank you!

I noted the Indira issue. Thanks!

I updated the post above. Translations still needed are French and Italian!

Deratiseur and I are on it. ;)

Edit : Do not hesitate to ping me on any translation that I've contributed, I wouldn't have noticed if it wasn't for Johnbob (thanks to him by the way).

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@Jazira added two more lines to the setup-install.tra:

@5000019    = ~Original version: Ugh and Jumper are inside the cave.~
@5000020    = ~Alternative for compatibility: Ugh and Jumper are outside.~

These should be the last text additions... :ph34r: EDIT: but I'll add a description for the optional component to the readme, of course. EDIT: and done.

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Ascalon's Questpack updates to v5.0 with several improvements:

-The component Serpent of Abbathor has a more helpful journal management and a second install choice which brings a real ending to the quest in BG1. See the readme for details.

-The component Jumper has a second install option that places Ugh and Jumper outside the cave (for compatibility with @The Artisan's Shadow Magic mod).

Russian translation of the new content from @Arkie, thank you!


-Component Serpenst of Abbathor has two install choices: Original version or Tweaked version. Tweaked version has closing of quest in BG1, including small follow-up in BGII for BGT/EET if PC helped Wostok to the end.
-Generally revised Serpents of Abbathor quest: more journal entries, no open quest ends, PC can change sides if agreed to kill Wostok, dialogue improvements.
-A short walkthrough for the component Serpents of Abbathor was added to AC_QUEST/docs/.
-Component "Jumper" has two install choices: original with Ugh&Jumper inside the cave and a compatibility alternative with them outside.
-Freed miners and Amnish guards should leave (Serpents of Abbathor).
-Removed wrong string refs from cres (Serpents of Abbathor).
-Taken mine should no longer contain contaminatd ore (Serpents of Abbathor).
-Removed wrong automap notes (AC4404.are).
-Removed leftover scripts from mod areas.
-Inserted unused journal entry if Tarash remained friendly (Serpents of Abbathor).
-Tarash should not spawn if quest was started with pamphlet (Serpents of Abbathor).
-Lugosch should drop the known Gundmagtor, not the unknown artefact (Serpents of Abbathor).
-Unified dwarven names (Lugosch, Tarash/Tarasch; Serpents of Abbathor).
-Gibberling Leather Armor should not be called Orc Leather (Home for the Gibberlings).
-Quest characters should not drop items in dialogue meant for the group but give it to the PC.
-Changed "diary" to "journal" (English version).


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There was a mistake in the item description @1012 in "setup-AC_QUEST_ee.tra": this weapon cannot be thrown and does no missile damage. I corrected it myself for the Russian version - I hope - if someone could verify I'd be grateful. (Link)

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Hey @jastey, I've made a commit to update the French translation to the 5.0 standard (credits: Deratiseur & Jazira), I'm just waiting for @deratiseur green light to launch the PR. I also corrected a few English typos (with the same in Italian version, 5.0 stuff are still in English).

I also further corrected the Russian, Italian (still in English) and English Wostok's hammer item to be on the same standard as the German version. @Arkie , could you take a look at the Russian part and tell me if everything is alright? Especially this part for @1012 (setup-AC_QUEST.tra and setup-AC_QUEST_ee.tra): "Cespenar improved the weapon further so it does more damage."

"Further" need to be removed for @1012 since this particular version only got improved once. 



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On 6/10/2023 at 2:16 PM, jastey said:

@Jazira this looks very good! I already removed the "further" from the @1012 in my last commit.

(And have no idea what will happen if we merge the different changes.)

Yes, I know it. It's for the Russian translation, since I can't read it. Deratiseur gave me the green light, I'm just waiting for Arkie's one for the PR.

Don't worry about the merge, I already included your last commits before committing mine. ;)

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2 hours ago, Jazira said:

Yes, I know it. It's for the Russian translation, since I can't read it. Deratiseur gave me the green light, I'm just waiting for Arkie's one for the PR.

Don't worry about the merge, I already included your last commits before committing mine. ;)

Hey, @Jazira!

I've corrected some typos and hammer descriptions in my translation. You can get files (setup-AC_QUEST.tra,setup-AC_QUEST_ee.tra) from my fork and add it to your PR.

RealApxu/Ascalons_Questpack: Adds several small quests to BG1 and BGII. For BGT, Tutu, BG:EE, BGII, BGII:EE, and EET. (github.com)

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Thank you very much @Jazira and @deratiseur, and @Arkie!

The mod updates to v5.1 with completed French version!


-French version completed, by Deratiseur and Jazira
-Russian Version proofread by Arkie
-Fixed item description (Wostok's hammer version +5 does no missile damage)
-Typo corrections

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