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Forgotten Armament

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14 minutes ago, morpheus562 said:

So I have kits from skills and abilities installed earlier, but then the rest of it comes after those two forgotten Armament components. Kits will be split out into a separate mod. 

I was confused. In fact the two components are installed after SCS (not Skills&Abilities) and i am still wondering why. Sorry

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My opinion:

I'm thinking of including this mod in my next playthrough, but I feel like a few of the items included (mainly some of those imported from IWD) are a little too bland or nondescript to merit inclusion. I'm thinking of stuff that doesn't have a unique description:

Like most typical daggers, this dagger has a pointed, double-edged blade. It has also been imbued with magical abilities which have increased its usefulness.

The flail is a sturdy wooden handle attached to an iron rod, a wooden rod with spikes, or a spiked iron ball. Between the handle and its implement is either a hinge or chain link. The weapon was originally used as a tool for threshing grain.

Most of the stuff from NWN2 is good and has a lot of flavour, although many of the items seem quite powerful.

Considering that most of us play with a bunch of mods that together amount to tons and tons of new items, I feel like there is little need for the more nondescript ones to be imported.

There is also the issue that items from IWD are added by several other mods. Off the top of my head SoDtoBG2ItemUpgrade adds a ton of stuff from IWD, IWDification adds some, and there are probably others.

I'm guessing this will result in a bunch of duplicates of the same (supposedly unique) items?

On the other hand, I'm not aware of any other mod which imports NWN2 items.

Would it then be possible to separate the new items your mod offers into two components; those from NWN2 and those from IWD?

That way it would be much easier to get it to mesh well with other mods the user may have installed.

(On a completely personal note, I love mods like Unique Artifacts because I want as many magical items as possible to be unique, Scales of Balance for changing generic magical +2 and +3 weapons and armor into plain mastercraft versions, and Item Randomiser for the unpredictability of what you're going to find and where.

IMO with the vast variety of magical items available in any modded game there is really no need to have a bunch of copies of the same item spread around the game, even though a lot of descriptions may describe them as non-unique.)


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Err, oops. I don't know actually. I just reread your compatibility notes and realized you have already gone through and deconflicted your mod versus several of the others I had in mind.

So, the answer might be none. 😄

I'll have to take a closer look at my modlist when I have time and see if there are any others adding IWD stuff.

I just think some of those IWD items are a bit flavourless and generic and don't add much to the game...whereas I would definitely like to include most of the NWN2 stuff.

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Yeah, it's definitely not a criticism towards you, more towards IWD if anything. Items like the Static Dagger +1 or Crooked Flail +1, which have no unique description or history, just don't do much for me as magic items go. In my game those non-named generic +1 items are all replaced by non-magical mastercraft items, which of course also aren't very interesting but I still like them because I want actual magic items to be at least semi-rare to find.

On the other hand, I do see the value in giving these +1 items to enemies to make them a little tougher and mix things up.

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