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Forgotten Armament

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Just now, J Beau said:

Not everyone uses Item Revisions though.

It is standalone in IR, so one can use it without getting the big bulk of changes that comes from IR. I wanted to do some things with Crit Immunity that I wasn't seeing IR do, so that was the reason for me writing it the way I did.

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I have had bad experiences mixing and matching item mods that tweak the rules. I would rather go with one persons vision that is completely integrated and bug tested. Forgotten Armaments is my new go to mod in that regard.

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Official release for version 2.0 which brings the following enhancements:

  • Updated NWN Style Weapons to not alter P&P Celestials Weapons.
  • Updated Taralash +4 and +5.
  • Changed Yamato +4 to provide Critical Hit Immunity instead of extra APR.
  • Add new component to remove Critical Hit Immunity from Helmets and make Shields immune to Critical Hits.
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On 1/12/2023 at 9:29 AM, morpheus562 said:

Players will have the option to either allow it remove the critical hit immunity many bosses and difficult foes have. Finally, I'm open to suggestions on which items should receive crit immunity. So far I have: Blessed Bracers, Claw of Klazgaroth, and my Imaskari Bracers of Immortality. Other items up for consideration include Ilbratha, Gargoyle Boots, and the upgraded Helm of the Rock.

Cloak of Displacement? It makes sense that an item which projects the wearer as being in a slightly different position also prevents hits on their vitals.

Also, it would allow monks and kensai some source of crit immunity in the early game when they most need it.

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Official release for version 2.1 which brings the following enhancements:

  • Updated Axe of the Unyielding and Silver Swords to deal damage if the target makes a successful save vs. vorpal strike.
  • If EEex is installed, the updated Carsomyr (+5/+6) will bypass protections like PfMW.
  • Update Ixil's Spike +6.
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