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Serenity: Grim's Official Review

Grim Squeaker

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Grim, could you give us a non-spoilery overview of the plot? I wasn't one of those people who were absolutely obsessed with the TV series, but I did enjoy it somewhat :).


Okay, avoiding spoilers as much as possible. The crew starts without Shephard Book or Inara. Book is living in a place called Haven, Inara has left as she said she would at the end of the show. Serenity's crew encounter some Reavers while raiding a bank. An Alliance assassin is after River because while she was in the Alliance academy, several keys members of parliament visited her and she (as we discovered in the series) is a psychic. So the Operative is after River because the Alliance fears she may have learnt an important secret. The Operative finds out River is one Serenity. Serenity ends up going into Reaver territory as River is convinced something important is in there. We eventually discover the Alliance has been hiding from everyone the reason why Reavers exist.

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*sighs* will have to wait until my daughter gets here next week to see it... my husband doesn't want to go. :)


On a positive note, Sci-Fi Channel is airing the 3 missing episodes starting this week.

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This has to be my film of the year. It's excellent. It was even excellent when I saw the rough cut without music or the majority of the special effects.

And next week I'll be seeing it for the third time (yes it is that good!).

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Can't wait! It's two more monts before it opens here. But better late than never. :party::party::band:


I loved the series, though a little piece of me dies every time I watch them. It's a shame that such a great series was cancelled. :)

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If you ever get the chance to meet Nathan Fillion - take it. He's a legend ^_^

I have heard there may well be a trilogy in the works too (with Serenity being the first).


I suppose that's up to how well the this first one does. :) Quality sequels seem to be a bit of a fashion now, so maybe it's not hopeless.


I'm one of those that would take the series back rather than movies, but that's so unlikely that I'm really happy to see the movie.

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