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Serenity: Grim's Official Review

Grim Squeaker

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I thought those reavers didn't/couldn't use guns.

I thought the same but then I thought they must have guns on their ships, Mal and the guys fixed a gun to Serenity to make it look a little more Reavery. They must have some Technical savvy...then again does anyone recall any weapons fire from a Reaver ship in the space battle, apart from those grappling hooks?


I'm telling you, it's all about her psychic zen kung fu.


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Looks like Finnish premiere of Serenity has been cancelled. :D Damn... I really thought that we were over that 'nothing good ever makes it's way to this arse-end of Europe'-phase of our history.

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It appears that the movie is now being cancelled everywhere, last I heard about was Israel and Mexico. Apparently, this is at the request of Universal, due to very low attendance numbers... :D


I don't know the financial figures of how the movie did in US, was it a big flop, maybe someone has that info. But anyway, it seems that for any hope of the series to continue or more films being made, this movie had to be a great success and it seems that that hasn't happened. :D It's a real shame, Firefly is one of the best TV series that I've ever watched. Smashing dialogue, great characters with lots of depth, amazing snarky jokes, great, great stuff.


It certainly would be very interesting to watch post-Serenity TV series to see the effects that the developments of the movie have on the characters. I'd probably find it painful too, because my favorite characters got the short straw in the movie. :D

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The DVD's apparently will be released on 20th December.


As for the target audience... I don't think that only those who watched the TV series would enjoy it and understand what it is all about - I think that most people who like the sci-fi genre as a whole would enjoy this movie. Yes, it has its pitfalls too, and I definitely would take the TV series over the movie any day of the week... but it's still good compared to the average Hollywood pap. :D

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I was finally able to watch the Firefly Season DVD and Serenity just now. The tv series was very good, and I'm sorry that it was cancelled. The movie was enjoyable, but I do see how it'd be, for lack of a better term, unappealing to people who had never seen the tv series. There was also a lot that made the tv show so much fun to watch that seemed to be lacking in the movie, but I think that can be blamed more on the difference in genre rather than sloppy writing.


I got the impression, however, that the movie was more Joss' way of tying up loose ends and giving some sense of closure to the storyline rather than simply a way to make money. I could be wrong, but that's my impression anyway.


I've seen rumors on the internet that the series may be brought back to production, but as goddamn Whedon is wont to do, he's made that a very challenging task. I won't explain that sentiment publicly as it'd be OMG SPOILER.

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