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A Lovetalk Preview


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Well, it's Christmas again, so by request, we have another preview, this time of a Lovetalk. Not the whole one, I don't want spoil too much, but a decent sized chunk, I hope. Comments and criticisms are welcome as always, so enjoy and have a Merry Christmas or other holiday of your choice. :O





Aklon: (Another nightmare. Ever since you left Candlekeep, your nights have been too full of strange visions, promises of power and images of terror. Opening your eyes to the interior of your tent, you slow your breathing and attempt to calm yourself. But further sleep eludes you, so you roll over in your blankets, twitch aside the flap of your tent and look out upon the campsite).


(Apparently, it is Aklon’s watch, for the monk is wide awake. Stripped to the waist, he stands near the coals of the fire, his body held in a fighting stance. As you watch, Aklon begins to slowly, gracefully, move through routines that you have seen him employ in battle, throwing slowed punches, executing studied kicks and blocking non-existent enemies. Under the yellow light of the moon, you see the muscles ripple on his torso, arms and back as he continues his slow, almost hypnotic battle practice).


(Eventually, as he goes through his routine, his eyes sweep past you and he stops in his practice, turning his gaze straight back to you, the moonlight gleaming in his eyes) <CHARNAME>? Your watch is not for three hours yet. Does something trouble you?


1. It was nothing, Aklon. Just a bad dream. (Z)

2. [Others...]


Aklon (Z): (Aklon cocks his head and steps forward, crouching down before you) Do you have such dreams often? If your sleep is disturbed I have something that might help. It is an herb that brings sweet dreams if one inhales the smoke it makes. I shall get it, if you wish.


1. I don’t know. What if I want to wake quickly? (Z.Z)

2. No, I’m alright. Really. I am only rarely troubled by such dreams. (Z.Y)

3. I... don’t want to sleep any more tonight. Talk to me, will you? (Z.X)

4. [Others....]


Aklon (Z.Z): The herb does not prevent waking, nor does it fog the mind. Indeed, it produces no effect at all if inhaled while awake. Do you still not wish me to get the herb?


1. No, no herb, Aklon. But could you return to your practice? It is very soothing. (Z.Z.Z)

2. Yes. Please. I have no wish to dream again tonight. (Z.Z.Y)

3. [Others...]


Aklon (Z.Z.Z): As you desire, my lady. (Aklon returns to his exercise, his limbs once again swaying gracefully through their intricate moves. This time, however, Aklon is humming ever so slightly as he moves. The tune is soothing, and between it and the sinuous movements of Aklon’s body, your eyes soon begin to drift closed again....) [End]


Aklon (Z.Z.Y): I will only be a moment. (Aklon goes to his belongings, shuffles a few things around and returns with an ornamental burner. Placing it next to you, Aklon goes over to the fire and plucks up a coal, quickly returning it to the burner. He shakes the burner and smoke begins to drift out). Take the burner back inside your tent, it will keep the smoke close about you. Sleep now <CHARNAME>, sleep and dream of only good things. I will take your watch. [End]


Aklon (Z.Y): Very well. If you feel you may have need of it, you need only ask. (Aklon gives you a smile and goes to stand up, then stops) Pay attention to your dreams, <CHARNAME>. In one with so illustrious an ancestry, they may be far more than mere visions. [End]


Aklon (Z.X): I will, if that is what you wish. I can speak of many things, <CHARNAME>. Nature, the Art, old gods and history, among other things. What would you have me speak on, Lady of Candlekeep?


1. Tell me something about nature, Aklon. (Z.X.Z)

2. Old gods? Not Bhaal, I hope. (Z.X.Y)

3. [Others...]


Aklon (Z.X.Z): (Aklon sinks from his crouch to sit cross-legged upon the ground) One might think that in the frozen north, there is no life at all. In the winter time, all the animals flee south, or sleep, the trees seem like skeletons and Lady Auril’s cloak covers the world. Yet, there are places north of the forests, where winter always reigns and here, there are animals. Great white bears like those in the mountains live there and they not only stalk the ice, they swim in the sea, hunting the seals who in turn hunt the fish. And the great black and white whales which hunt them all, even leaping upon the ice in their hunting. And oh, those creatures can smell you. Let me tell you of the time when a snow-bear tracked me for a hundred miles across the ice... [End]


Aklon (Z.X.Y): (Aklon puts out a hand) Nay, not Bhaal. Older gods than He, and gods still living. I was thinking of the gods of Mulhorand, who are known but little outside that land. There are many gods in that land, a million if one is to believe the prayers of the priests. In that place, the Gods of Faerun are unknown. Lady Isis tends to the weave of magic there, Lord Geb embodies the earth and the embodiment of Lord Horus-Re rules the people. There is a great legend of the old times that you may be interested to hear of. How Gruumsh One-Eye drove His people to attack the great Empire of Mulhorand and how He struck down Lord Re, first king of the Mulhorandi gods... [End]

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You know, if ever any NPC could hope to sway my PC's heart from Kelsey, I think Aklon might just be the one. :D Well, maybe... :O


Please keep up the good work, BigRob, and I'll be looking forward to busting Aklon out of Lehtinan's smarmy clutches one of these days!


PS: And thank you for the early Christmas prezzie! :D

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I'm glad you both enjoyed it. :O I have some days off at the moment, so I'll try to get some serious progress in.



It is a her that brings sweet dreams if one inhales the smoke it makes. I shall get it, if you wish.


Should be "an herb". Other than that...siiiiiiigh :D


Fixed. No matter how many times you read over something..... grumblemumblegrumble

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Thanks for the kind words, I hope you enjoy the finished product as much. :O


Ah, yes, a familiar lament :D I like the lore bits in this talk!

Proofreading always seems to require about five people to do right. I'd hate to be a professional editor.



And I'm glad the lore slots in nicely and doesn't end too abruptly. Hopefully I can keep the balance between interesting bits and going on too long.

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I have been watching this forum for a little while and now have to say that I really LOVE what I am seeing for Aklon so far! :D I can't wait to play him. I have been (like others!) watching numerous projects and I think this one may be my fave one to wait for. I really love the lore, as Domi said, and also his realization that the 'dreams' may be more than normal dreams.

Plus, his portrait is dreamy! :O

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Yum...half naked monk showing off his muscles! Very good Christmas present indeed.

The tune is soothing, and between it and the sinuous movements of Aklon’s body, your eyes soon begin to drift closed again....) [End]
Hmm..I cannot see this putting my PC to sleep! :O


Wonderful writing BigRob. I like this lovetalk very much, especially because it refers to the dreams.

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Thank you both for the encouragement. :O It's good to see the dream aspect of this talk isn't out of place. I definately wanted to deal with the dreams, but wasn't quite sure how it would go to be basically inserting new ones (you don't want to be waiting for the originals to come up before you can go on with the romance, right?).



The tune is soothing, and between it and the sinuous movements of Aklon’s body, your eyes soon begin to drift closed again....) [End]
Hmm..I cannot see this putting my PC to sleep! :D

Well, she's had a hard day, you know. :D

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I always though lovetalks taking place during a watch, and lovetalks involving Charname's dreams, were sadly missing from existing romances. So this gets two thumbs up from me. :O

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