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"Addicted to WeiDU" -- KenTeamBG


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Hehe. My wife is a mathematics professor, and we both program. All sorts of mathematics/programming terms are in our regular vocabulary--we're optimizing trips, maximizing output, results are suboptimal, problems are non-trivial, etc.

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Oh my God!!!

I can imagine a French grocery list: there would be pages of if ~~ then :p ('cause we French aren't the least complicated, we just need an high average number of ingredients to make something eatable)


Do someone think he/she would be able to program a Weidu-oven that would cook by itself? (I surely will need that next year for my Erasmus exchange)


Something like:


IF ~Apple pie~ THEN BEGIN Dough:

  STIRR ~Butter



              Flour~ DO SetGlobal("Dough","GLOBAL",1)


  Turn ("Oven","ON",200°)

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UK indeed ^^ Scotland to be more precise, Glasgow University to be even more precise :p

Can't wait till September :D But I fear something like


IF ~OutOfFrance~ THEN BEGIN Foodproblem


Ok, I do not really believe in that, but I didn't want to be off-topic :p

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Well my Commonwealth-history teacher (actually that was last semester, now he teaches us French to English translation) is Scottish so we had a little sample of Scottisch accent, although very understandable (let say that is not the most weird thing about him... Have you ever had a teacher sniffing tobacco while lecturing? I did :p )

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to it. I've never been to Scotland, and I have a friend to see in Manchester too if I happen to go in England :p

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