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Is there any more romance mod I can play?

Guest Arkadia

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Just out of curiosity, can we get in trouble for talking outwardly about Bioware game piracy? (For my own reference)


I hear Auren has a wonderful PC romance you might fancy. :blush: *snicker*



Probably. Lawyers... Well, probably best not to complete that sentence.


I could go into a long justification about why downloading music for free is naughtier than ripping a copy of a game. But its logic would be flawed.

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Plus by modding we are technically in violation (do a quick check of threads here and at PPG for all sorts of cool discussions on this one) -- even with all the "don't sell it" stuff, at basic point is intellectual property. WizWom is right; so far in the US, talking about any intellectual property stuff up to a major breakpoint is not illegal; DOING it is. Less than 10% of a copyrighted work photocopied for personal use is within bounds, but photocopying 4 chapters to share with a friend breaks the law. My favorite is the "personal use" portion for video/music/etc.; it is interesting to note that the best band directors in small towns take popular music and build their own arrangements for thier kids, tailored to the strengths and weaknesses of their band. They then perform at football games and community events using this material, and may even fundraise for uniforms by "selling" or "auctioning" videos of those performances. And no director I know is silly enough to trust original copies of published works on the field - kids destroy them incrediby quickly even if there is no rain that day...


now, how many intellectual property abuses/violations have occured here? Just like the modding of a game, not many artists/corporations are going to go after the Small Town Marching Band and sue them for the $1200 that the kids took a year to raise, and slap penalties on the school. Talk about bad PR! If it translates to a few extra sales, all well and good, and if it has the penalty of giving bad publicity, it is much simpler (and less costly in legal fees) to look the other way.

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How funny, I started topic about available romance mods, and now that is topic about the piracy... :blush:

I would like to ask again - is there any more romance mod for female character I can play? Please, meybe I forgot about some...meybe there is, or will be in near future?

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Someone already mentioned Solaufein and Chloe, but I think the suggestions were lost among the other posts. :blush:


Valygar romance is in the works, but I can't give any timetable for that. Other romances (Cailean at PPG and Durlyle, Aklon and Inara (of the tiefling sisters) here at G3, to name few) for female PCs are under construction too, but I have no idea how soon they'll be ready.

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Er, I am planning to have my Half-Elf F/M/T be romancable by humans, elves and half-elves. Humans will have a harder time of it, as he's been raised by elves, and just won't think of them that way. I might even make it so any race could convince him that they are interested, but such a romance would be stormier than one with his preferred race.


But the Jonathan NPC is still in BGTutu, and I'm distracted by things like the No-Reload challenge.

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Yes but I must pay for delivery (It is free only for people from UK).


There are several other Amazon locales: amazon.com (American), amazon.ca (Canadian), amazon.fr (French), amazon.de (German), and amazon.co.jp (Japanese). Alternatively, there are many, many other on-line retailers in existence; just do a Google search.



U.S. Law is very clear: talking is not illegal.


Unless you're conspiring to commit a crime.

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It's definitely not illegal, but it's not something I feel we should encourage or condone--not because I think ZOMG THEEVES (I trust all of you to have the intelligence and moral basis to make your own judgments about right and wrong) but as a matter of respect. We've built what I think is a very fun, friendly, and enjoyable community off of the hard work of software developers, specifically Bioware's, and I think that a basic modicum of honesty and respect is not out of line.


What was the topic again? :blush:

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