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Is there any more romance mod I can play?

Guest Arkadia

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Yes. In fact she has 2 romances for the PC. One for if you have brown hair and one for if you have blonde hair. I'll be adding a third one if you want to romance her and Jaheira at the same time. Also, I'm planning on adding 56 new areas *and* turn it into a TC.



Please include support for my ginger kensai/sorceress/assassin/flintknapper who wishes to multi-romance Auren, Keto, Amelyssan, Fall-from-Grace, and Item-Upgrade v34 in a party of eight, while maintaining compatibility with -Ggib eht-'s Stellated Dodecahedron mod. I'm sure it's no trouble :blush:

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I'm so sorry, but I refuse to play any mod that is not compatible with BG1, Tutu, BG2, non-TOTSC, BGT, Planetscape Torment, and SimCity: The Baldurs Gate Version simultaneously with one installer. Plus you didn't include a multi-romance intergenerational cross-mod banter component for my triple-classed half-orc Bard/Paladin/Wild Mage, tailored to Blonde hair with Blue eyes versus Blonde hair with Brown eyes! :blush:


To the OP, back on topic -- Auren is awesome (from reading code not playing, but still...) but if you don't want Chloe or other female/female romance materials, she is not for you. We have actually covered all of the currently available (and several not-yet-finished) mods; without getting a copy of BG1 and installing Tutu, you have no choice left but to wait until some of these are finished. If you do get Tutu and install BG1 NPC, you have 3 more romances plus romance conflict, including the possibility of having an elven sorceror, an elven thief, and a human Paladin actively vieing with eachother for your favor (well, as active as Xan deems nessesary, anyways :hm: ). My apologies for the digression off of the topic!

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Eddie is the love of my life, but, and I know that I am VERY weird...I've always had a yearning to romance Xzar. Before Eddie becomes the love of my life, that is. I can't help it. I have a thing for evil mages! Would have to do something about the Momma's boy thing, tho...

Arkadia, enjoy Xan! I may give him another chance, but I have to know if he will be worth the suffering I'd have to go thru in TOB before I will try him. I kind of like TOB, but if the romance ending with Xan will suck I'd rather spare myself the time and angst. Maybe someone can PM me and at least tell me if indeed Xan TOB is indeed brighter in tone. :D

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