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Tutu/BGT Area Map & List

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I too look this time to time... now, if the areas could also have a listing of their original BG names, it would be just a tiny bit better.
I didn't bother with that since you can just change the Tutu FW prefix to AR for BG areas. Or if you prefer, the IESDP has a (non-graphical) list.


Incidentally, I'm using FW2900 (SE part of Larswood) for some fairly major stuff, though I may move it to FW4300 (NW part of N Nashkel Road). Also FW4800 (Nashkel, central part) for some minor NPC placement (for now).

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Using these in various mods (BG1, Tutu and BGT):


FW0720 Drakon Tavern (interior character)

FW3800 S. Beregost Road (sunken house)

FW4400 Lonely Peaks (large peak interior, Hulrik's house, underground area)

FW4800 Nashkel (windmill)

FW4809 Belching Dragon (cellar, interior characters)

FW5100 Gnoll Stronghold (interiors)

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I think I already mentioned the sunken house will be in the next version of Aurora (which already uses the Drakon Tavern and Belching Dragon cellar). The Lonely Peaks and additional Nashkel content are in the xvart expansion discussed in this thread. I guess that will end up in jastey's BGQE if she has time to update it. The gnoll interior is in an alpha mod called The Calling that CamDawg and SimDing0 worked on ages ago and we are looking at trying to get to a release (either on its own or possibly part of BGQE).

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Thanks for the reply Miloch! I remember the previous conversation about the sunken house, and Aurora is already on my next-install list. I'll probably hold out a bit for the Xvart expansion (really, you can't have too many Xvarts) and the interior of the Gnoll stronghold. Those two last ones really tickles my bones :)

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