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If you had to chose between BG2 romantic evils....


So, what would you chose?  

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Bio's Gaider was talking just how elaborate romances Jah's and Ano's in a way 'ate' the other planned romances. So, I am wondering if you had to chose between having the elbaorateness of Anomen's romance and simpler, but more numerous romances, what have you chosen?

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No fair.


What I'd really like is "all of the above."


Failing that, I'd like the complex Anomen and Valygar in some form or other.


As my third and final choice, it would be a toss-up between complex Anomen and simple Anomen/simple Valygar.


Haer'Dalis doesn't even enter as a blip on the radar.

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Well, it comes from the premise that they cannot do it all, so that's not an option. The second choice is a total loser, I should make it something like any two of 'medium complexity'.

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I think you might be unconsciously biasing the results - if it's a choice between lots of complex Anomen or somewhat less, simpler Anomen I'm going to pick option D "join convent" or option E "ask writers to finish the Aerie - Haer'Dalis story instead of writing romances" ;)


Consider that a weasel-worded vote for A if you like :)


Always thought there was something sinister in Chibi art :D

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And I thought I was making it simpler by using BG2 example (sigh). Basically, I'm wondering if you are pro 'one but complex' or 'few but simpler' romances, where complex/simpler relates to coding (ie quests, leaving party in a huff, branching and all that)

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Well, if these two are Haer'Dalis and Valygar, I'll still choose Anomen, though I am interested in his character, rather than the romance's complexity. :)


Basically, I am never interested in branching and questing and leaving and scripting and whatever. Just some-good-dialogue.

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Ah, so now I get it.


You are asking because you want to know if people prefer more options for simple, linear romances, or fewer choices of complex ones.


That depends on the romance. I want good writing.


I know you feel left out of romance in BG2 because you dislike Anomen so strongly, but he worked just fine for me. Multiple romances would not have helped had my choices been Jan, Haer'Dalis, Korgan, Cernd, and Yoshimo. Well, maybe Jan might have been all right. He's sure sweet to Lissa. Male PCs had three choices, and I disliked all of them.


So, the personality has to work for me, and I don't want the writing to be terrible. But they could have done away with CN Anomen, and I would have been all right with that, I suppose. Although I'd grumble. Maybe.


I remember the first time playing with him in the party, being impressed that they gave a romanceable character brown eyes. They never do that.


Anyway, I'm on a tangent.

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