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  1. @184 = ~But enough is enough, precious. Let's finish this. I'll take you up on this swing... one last time.~ What doe's "I'll take you up on this swing..." means ? Context (NSFW) : My guess : One last whip ? One last climax ? I count on you for being discret about this exchange ?
  2. The same thing happened to me yesterday. Tried 3 different times, and it duplicated 3 different thread.
  3. I don't know if someone have already posted this somewhere so i do post it here. Beamdog finally released the patch note of the 2.6 beta. https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/80867/road-to-2-6-planned-patch-items-windows-macos-linux Nothing on SoD, though... Maybe we will see the release of the 2.6 before 2021. Edit : Jylac35 affirmed that SoD have a new french translation (Text only) too on french community forum ( https://www.baldursgateworld.fr/lacouronne/bg2-ee/32967-bgee-bg2ee-iwdee-patch-note-2-6-a.html#post487062 )
  4. I understand, don't worry. Kulyok's last post is from february 2019, so i guess there is no need to hold my breath here. No problem. Of course, i was just wondering if i understand it correctly. Privy could have been something like a private (military rank "Pvt") or something else, i'm not familiar to this word. Thanks btw everyone for your replies.
  5. Hello @Kulyok & @jastey, I'm actually translating the "A Dirty Guard in Candlekeep" component and i have a hard time understanding the meaning of a sentence. The context is below this spoiler. Is my understanding correct ? (NSFW, crude language)
  6. That's what i feared... Allright, i included your changes. https://github.com/Jazira33/AloraForBG2EE/commit/02be28a3d27a714b63eceec59b29c2d3adec173e Thank you.
  7. Allright, so i do have corrected the MinsK case, added your change of the "Sakphul" line, and i have also converted all the files in ANSI. ANSI is the correct encoding for the German translation file in the classic version of the game, right ? Because we do plane to merge the BG2 classic & BGEE version of the mod together. As you might understand, i can't go any further with proofreading a language i do not speak at all. https://github.com/Jazira33/AloraForBG2EE/commit/7d373dafcccd5f252b10e686046a7c4344cd0e03
  8. Thanks, both of you. Unfortunately i do not speak German at all, so i will be unable to proofread it further, except for the MinsK case. But if someone is willing to do a complete proofreading, he or she will be very welcome ! All those modified lines were already present into the original game, as you can see with the brackets ( [Alora12] for example) meaning those lines are voiced, or partly voiced lines. The initial English version of the mod got the exact same text as the voiced line playing beside it, so it seems like intended by Raven, the author of this mod. This translation of happy, happy, joy-joy, seems to be the official one in the German version according to the Dialog.tlk of the said version of BGEE. My only "unofficial" change in the German version (and the Russian one, that i don't speak either) is the Sakphul one, "Rivval" is a drowish word for "Human" that i do have changed with "Sakphul", which mean "Halfling". And some punctuation. Sorry i should have included this context sooner...
  9. Hello, Can someone please validate those changes that i made in the German translation of AloraforBG2? That's not a lot, just a fews lines. https://github.com/Jazira33/AloraForBG2EE/commit/48af04167c14777d20f8a1b57a7a0920b4f70d28
  10. @Arkie Can i ask you something else ? Can you please validate those changes that i made in Russian translation ? That's not a lot, just a fews lines. https://github.com/Jazira33/AloraForBG2EE/commit/486db83992214ec1c8b82da4fe75a1fa0ed005cc Edit : I do share this comment here, because it can bring some clarification to those changes :
  11. Hello, I am actually working on a mod, and while i was proofreading it, i found a mistake in the original version. This mistake have been reproduced in every language already translated. So i'm trying to fix it, but i can't read/spell russian at all, so i need your help. So, this strange word, "Rivval", i strongly believe, is a drowish word (this line is from Viconia, talking to Alora, a halfling). It means "Human" according to a lot of research on the web. But, Alora is a Halfling ! So i change the word "Rivval" with "Sakphul", it means "Halfling"... Thank you in advance.
  12. Thanks for the notification, i will translate it as soon as i can, but first i have to finish the proofreading of Alora for BG2.
  13. Alright, great ! Thanks for your time DavidW.
  14. @Bartimaeus thanks for checking it ! @DavidW Any news on this ? What could be the problem ? @deratiseurHave you tried to reproduce the bug with the "patched" .tra i provided ?
  15. @Splicer_777, SCS is not a mod i would recommend for a first playthrough, the difficulty of the vanilla spell system is sometime frustrating enough for reasons already mentioned without buffing mages. A full installation of SCS takes a very long time to install because it patch almost every file in the games, several times. @Jarno Mikkola Easy...
  16. Hey again @tibicina and @jastey !
  17. I force-converted all the files in ANSI (expect setup), you could try this. I tried to upload them to github, but no changes were detected at all... (I have no idea if github pay any attention to encoding) I don't know how to proceed in that case on github so i uploaded them manually here : https://www.mediafire.com/file/gojgx2kktgxqc9s/SCSFR.rar/file Maybe some of my previous files got some "ghost"-encoding part (Some part in UTF8 and some other part in ANSI). Honnestly i don't know, neither how to check it nor to confirm that.
  18. Jazira

    Delete my account

    You know that modding require a lot of time, competence and motivation ? Don't take it personnaly.
  19. Doe's it have something to do with my translation ? Or this is the coding part ? On my side all the files (exept setup.tra) are in ANSI.
  20. Great, i was really unsure thanks !
  21. Hey @jastey and @tibicina ! I'm translating TICam.tra in french, and i got a hard time to understand a dialogue sequence, especially @188. It start with Tamah saying @181 and @182. If Charname choose the @185 answer then Tamah respond @188, and then @221. Thanks.
  22. Yes, exactly ! @Fouinto, yeah, you're right, but it's still sound a bit odd, no ? @DavidW, we tried to search for a neutral gendered word, but noone fit. I guess it can work fine this way, thanks. Sorry for bothering you for such detail.
  23. Sorry, i forget to add that in some other language, especially in french, there is sometime 2 stringref to translate a single one in english "Master" is "Maître" for a man, and "Maîtresse" for a woman. So it should be : @1212 = ~It shall be done, my master!~ @1212 = ~Ce sera fait, mon maître !~ ~Ce sera fait, maîtresse !~ And if i understand correctly what Gwendolyne told te me, for this spécial case, the .d file (the Wish spell genius) doe's not detect female version of the stringref. (We didn't add them in the last french update because of this) Sorry if it's not very clear, i'm actually reporting a report of someone else.
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