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  1. Regarding the Marksman/Slinger inheriting their descriptions from the Archer, that's a fair comment. Part of my confusion came from the other two Marksmen descriptions in the setup.tra file having a different ability gain rate and I wasn't sure if that was intentional or if the plain version of the class was just out of date like you've mentioned some of the other kits may be. I have vague memories of horrible things being done with Regular Expressions to patch portions of text in descriptions, though it may be that cleaner ways have been discovered to do this. @CamDawg. You could a
  2. Halfling Slinger @subtledoctor from Might & Guile The name is inconsistent. The readme and kit component call it the Halfling Slinger, but during character creation it is listed as a "Slinger". The Readme and installer says that this is a Fighter or Ranger kit, however it is actually a Fighter/Thief multiclass kit. During character creation it shows as being able to put 3 pips into Dual-Wielding (though you can only put one pip at level 1 in Baldur's Gate character creation). I can put 3 pips into Dual-Wielding when leveling up in game. During character creation
  3. I just ran into something weird. @CamDawg @lefreut. I created a new character (Marksman fighter kit from Might & Guile, see above); I CLUAConsoled the character up to level 20, one level at a time to check out all the kit abilities. I quit the game and went into load game from the main menu. I deleted the new save files created by the previous new game (see 1-2). I clicked back and then selected New Game. I started creating a new character, Female, Human The only selection available for class was Thief and clicking on the Thief label brought up a
  4. Next up, Marksman kit from Might & Guile (Component 320) @subtledoctor. No Feat system installed. The kit description is not updated to reflect the changes to the weapon groups and proficiency system from Scales of Balance. I believe that @CamDawg did some clever things to automatically update text for this type of thing in the Tweaks Anthology. (See references to Grand Mastery, 5 pips, Longbows, Shortbows, Crossbows, but not slings) The description of when the kit gains the Called Shot ability is ambiguous and does not follow the general standard of how other kit abiliti
  5. In the unmodded game, during character creation, after you pick a class and go on to roll for abilities, clicking on each stat would normally show you Max and Min entries in the text which are updated based on any adjustments applied by the class/kit (for example, Paladin has a Max and Min of 18 for CHA and this is shown here).
  6. From my Kitlist.2da 128 D5_ARCANIST 540949 540950 540951 D5ACNST 149 0x00004000 1 0x00004080 And K_M_H.2da 2DA V1.0 * KIT 1 0 2 22 3 23 4 24 5 25 6 26 7 27 8 28 9 29 10 30 11 68 12 128 13 136 The Arcanist is the second last kit in the list shown during character creation, so I'm not sure why that's happened. Also, as discussed earlier, the correct description and name shows during character creation, so it may be
  7. These all installed without errors, though I'm not sure if the later two actually took effect as I haven't gotten that far in my testing.
  8. The Oversight alignment and class fixes seem to work in my EET game if installed on BG2 prior to EET.
  9. Are there any files I can change log to see what other mods might be messing with the kit initialization?
  10. Next up for comments: Arcanist Kit @subtledoctor Kit description displayed correctly during character creation, however upon entering the game the character was shown as a Conjurer (both on the record screen and in the kit description). This is because you need to initialize the class so it works properly using the Initialize Arcanist innate button. This is a fairly cumbersome and non-intuitive way of creating a character, especially since the kit description shown during character creation makes no mention of this. Even after initializing the kit via the innate and usi
  11. Also, non true class thieves are pretty skillpoint starved and they'll have to pick and choose which skills are going to be raised to high enough levels to be useful, especially if you have something like epic thieving installed which expands the range for which points provide meaningful benefits. In the past, the advantage of Detect Illusions was that it bypassed the Non-detection, greater invis/mislead/spell immunity combo that made it impossible to target a mage with all the buffs active, especially for older tactical mods which would just forcecast a new set of buffs every time you br
  12. It's been added to EEex https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/comment/1141278/#Comment_1141278
  13. Right now if you install Refinements Sorcerer HLAs after installing the Geomantic Sorcerer you actually get both. Given all the work that went into debugging and rebuilding the custom HLAs for this kit I'm not sure how worthwhile it would be to just make them an option rather than the focus of the kit. Then again, maybe going with the default Sorcerer HLAs would make the kit a bit less broken at the high level. I'll give some thought to the idea.
  14. I believe Scales of Balance is supposed to be installed later in the install order. For the most part this is a pretty basic kit mod so I don't see any reason why it shouldn't work I'm not familiar with a Tome of Battle mod. I've been testing it with the additional spells based on stats component of Tome & Blood (I think this is what you mean) and it seems to work just fine. If you've got any specific bugs to report, then please let me know and I'll try to see if I can do anything to fix them for this update. As for alignment restriction removal, I think this is something multiple
  15. I'm the original maker of the Geomantic Sorcerer, though as noted in the readme, the Druidic Sorcerer from which it was recreated in a more limited form with a few changes was originally created by Constant Gaw and was later resurrected by hlidskialf before I took my turn. I last updated it in 2008 (version 3) and there's been other people who've maintained it for the 4 versions since while I was absent from the BG community (thank you very much to those who've done all the work keeping it working).
  16. Addressed several of these in my update of the mod to version 8 (to be released soon). Remaining issues still outstanding. Of these, I'm actually okay with the Tornado being selectable and targetable. If players want to use it as a target point for aoe spells then that is fine with me.
  17. I've a few lines I need translated for the next update of the Geomantic Sorcerer into French and Spanish. Lines are as follows: @334=~The geomantic sorcerer can shapeshift into a several different animal forms: Bear A slow moving but powerful Brown Bear. (AC6, THAC0 13, 3 attacks per round-1d6) Cat Even this small creature has its uses. If ever in need of nimble movement, the druid can shapeshift into a cat and maneuver through obstacles as if hasted and affected by Free Action. (AC4, THAC0 17, 1 attack per round-1d2) Dog The Dog has little place in combat, but does possess great track
  18. If I understand you correctly, your suggestion is to change the summoning EFF below to a different EA value. However, I can't find MakeUnselectable in EA.ids https://gibberlings3.github.io/iesdp/files/ids/bgee/ea.htm Should I be looking elsewhere for this flag?
  19. That sounds like a simple solution. I will give it a shot.
  20. In BG2:ToB Opcode 271 has the following effect However, it behaves differently in the Enhanced Edition. I've previously used this to create a spell effect that wanders around somewhat randomly within a small area. If I remember correctly, the avatar removal meant that the creature was not targetable or selectable. The nice thing about this is you could give the creature weapon that had a secondary animation effect that would play, though the creature could still wander around somewhat randomly. I like using the Groundhog holding a sword that played the custom Tornado .vvc si
  21. I will continue going through all of the kits from your mods I have installed in my current game and providing similar types of nitpicky review, no worries. The arcanist is on that list, though I took the Mana Sorcerer off the current install as it was a bit too janky for the type of install I am aiming for right now. I get why the selection is done through innate abilities, but for immersion purposes I'd almost prefer if it was done through an in-game dialogue where someone teaches CHARNAME or NPCs how to become a mana sorcerer if it isn't something you can specifically select during charac
  22. I discovered that the auto-roller has different performance depending on if stat penalties are applied or not during character creation. With the number of calculations the autoroller is crunching, adding multiple stat penalties on each one makes sense that it causes some hanging on slower systems. If possible, a less CPU intensive way of dealing with stat penalties is to only apply them once the roller stops, since the roller is just looking for the highest score. However, I'm not sure if the game engine is set up in a way to allow this optimization.
  23. Warden Kit as part of the Kale NPC mod by @Skitia. There's some extra newlines in the description and other spots where newlines are missing: Space between "Hit Die:" and "d12" Thac0. Last character is a zero (T)o (h)it (a)rmor (c)lass (0). There is inconsistent capitalization. The whole kit description could do with a second proofread. Let me know if you'd like me to give a shot at doing this. Ward ability does not have a description when right clicked. Kale's Bastard Sword can't be moved or dropped. I think this may have been fixed already in a slightly
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