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  1. Oversight is a BG2 mod. It was created before TuTu and the Enhanced Editions. I skipped the Harder Sendai component because SCS has a component that does the same thing. The Holy Liberator kit is not detected if you also install EET (it won't show up in game).
  2. The post in the op is a bit out of date. I will update it later tonight. For Oversight, those 4 components are installed on BG2 before EET. They haven't caused problems so far during installation, but I still need to do some QC/QA checks. SoD to BG2EE Item Upgrade is installed before EET as per the mod's readme. Based on reports this works fine, but not if installing it later. The current BG1NPCs versions is supposed to be installed after EET. I haven't checked the Coran friendship mod for problems, but I think there are some reports of it working fine if installed b
  3. As I recall, Refinements after RR was just for making the Refinements Rogue/Bard HLAs be the ones that end up in the final install vs Rogue Rebalancing's Rogue/Bard HLAs. I think there's some exact info on why you want that order listed in some of the documents.
  4. Sorcerers could cast HLA spells spontaneously in BG2:ToB vanilla. It was exactly as overpowered as you can imagine. I'll strike through stuff on my list later when I have a bit more time.
  5. Yeah, it's a super minor cosmetic issue that really doesn't matter after about 10s into a new game.
  6. #5 might be the cleanest. Or just skip installing the Refinements HLAs if it is a custom kit and not a base game kit as the default behaviour and Refinements is installed later. Unless you suggest installing Refinements before any NPC or quest mods there may still be some kits that get installed before Refinements that could result in conflicts/undesired behaviour. Is there any reason that Refinements HLA component shouldn't be installed that early in the install order if you make the changes you described above? Ideally, being able to install Refinements early in the install stack an
  7. Massive post regarding Refinements compatibility issues with mods, mostly around the HLAs. Posted here since I can't access my SHS account. I will continue to update this post as I continue my testing.
  8. Massive post compiling list of issues mentioned elsewhere on this forum for easier bug/issue tracking. Let me know which ones you consider dealt with and I'll strike them out. I will continue to update this post as I continue my testing.
  9. Massive post from my other thread summarizing issues identified I will continue to update this post as I continue my testing.
  10. Massive post with compiled list of possible issues I will continue to update this post as I continue my testing.
  11. Massive post summarizing issues identified in my testing. I will continue to update this post as I continue my testing.
  12. Massive post with all the compiled issues from my other posts. I will continue to update this post as I continue my testing.
  13. Flagging a compatibility issue with Tome & Blood "bardic casting in leather armor" component and Tweaks Anthology Arcane Spellcasting in Armor tweak. Subtledoctor has information on the compatibility issue (due to a revision in the component number in Tome & Blood) and older code in Tweaks Anthology, here.
  14. Which .ini file is this? I only see goglog.ini and unins000.ini in my main folder.
  15. Is it possible to apply a spell or effect on a melee or ranged miss, in a similar manner to how opcode #248 (0xF8) Item: Set Melee Effect is used for applying a spell or effect on hit? I found something for critical misses (#361 (0x169) Cast spell on critical miss), but couldn't find anything for a regular miss. Similarly, is there any way to automatically cast a spell or effect when a character kills a target (an "on-kill") effect?
  16. Hexblade fighter kit from the Sword & Fist mod The kit description says that the kit can only specialize in weapons, however Scales of Balance allows it to put 3* into all weapons. Maybe the scaling works out to about the same. @subtledoctor. Refinements integration, gets all base Refinements fighter HLAs as well as the three Power Word HLAs added by the kit. This is fairly close to being in line with how Refinements handles the HLAs for the base game fighter kits.
  17. Would initialization work cleaner if it was done via a dialogue or an item? I know a long time ago when I was playing around with the geomantic sorcerer one of the things I really tried to avoid was any complex local or global scripting if I could avoid it. Separately, the initialization of the Shadow Magic kits was really robust. Something about the timestop effect at the start of the game into a dialogue followed by a second timestop and dialogue to catch anything that wasn't dealt with the first time around seemed to catch most quirks. I don't know enough to confirm if that approach
  18. FYI, you can zip a Setup-MODNAME.debug file and the compression of the text file will reduce it to well below the limit for most people on this site. For example, I can zip a 80 MB debug file to about 1.5 MB in size.
  19. If you don't mind, I can do some of the rewriting and let you pick and choose. I'm not going to get everything (I'm only testing the stuff in my current install), but it will at least provide something you can ransack to improve a portion of the kits if you like what I write.
  20. I ran a Change-log on PROFSMAX.2da Here are the contents of Profsmax.2da in my override folder: 2DA V1.0 0 FIRST_LEVEL OTHER_LEVELS 3 6 9 MAGE 1 1 2 3 4 FIGHTER 1 4 2 3 4 CLERIC 1 3 2 3 4 THIEF 1 3 2 3 4 BARD 1 3 2 3 4 PALADIN 1 3
  21. Mage Hunter ranger kit from Might & Guile @subtledoctor Does not receive a -1 penalty to Strength or Constitution. Slight wording adjustment recommendation to improve flow for Vocal Disruption description Note that the Deafness effect gives a 50% spell failure chance with an indefinite duration. You can probably pretty safely just call this Deafness and make sure it applies the deafness portrait icon (if it doesn't already). The kit description of the Vocal Disruption ability does not provide any information on when the Mage Hunter gains additional uses of the a
  22. Apart from the last couple of comments, I've noticed in your recent updates you haven't touched a few of the bugs/issues I raised in earlier posts in this thread. Would it be helpful for you if I were to create giant summary posts in your other mod threads where I compile all the various issues I've found? I can strike out the ones you've appeared to address in your latest updates.
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