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The Tweaks Anthology is a WeiDU compilation of fixes, cosmetic changes, and tweaks that will run on every Infinity Engine game, from the original Planescape:Torment, through the Icewind Dale and Baldur's Gate series, and the new Enhanced Editions of the games. The successor to BG2 Tweaks and several other tweak packs, some of these were fan requests, others are needed fixes, and others simply make dealing with the more irritating aspects of the game engine easier. Each component can be installed separately so the player can pick and choose only which ones they wish to install.

What's New in Version Beta 3   See changelog


  • Miloch's Unique Containers mod has been added to Tweaks as a cosmetic component, including all of its original options and translations. If Add Bags of Holding is installed after it, the new bags will use the unique icons.
  • Added Use Character Colors Instead of Item Colors component
  • Added components Everyone Gets Bonus APR from Specialization (subtledoctor) and Enforce PnP Proficiency Rules on Dual-Classed Characters (subtledoctor) courtesy of subtledoctor
  • Make Magic Shields Glow will now try to read in an appropriate glow color from the palette bitmap instead of a (limited) lookup table
  • Fixed a bug with Higher HP on Level Up > NWN-Style; withdrew the Low Variance Rolls option due to the same bug
  • Fixed a math error in Change Experience Point Cap > Remove Completely that caused bards and thieves to need an extra 100,000 XP to advance from level 39 to 40
  • Fixed a bug with Send BioWare NPCs to an Inn where it wouldn't install on vanilla Baldur's Gate due to bad tra references (thanks Angel)
  • Friendly Random Drops was failing to account for two random drops in IWDEE that are different compared to IWD+UB; the fix in beta 2 caused it to not install on vanilla IWD, which is in turn fixed (thanks to Angel again)
  • The Change Avatar When Wearing Robes or Armor (Galactygon) component is being withdrawn, as One Pixel Productions has a superior solution

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