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The Tweaks Anthology is a WeiDU compilation of fixes, cosmetic changes, and tweaks that will run on every Infinity Engine game, from the original Planescape:Torment, through the Icewind Dale and Baldur's Gate series, and the new Enhanced Editions of the games. The successor to BG2 Tweaks and several other tweak packs, some of these were fan requests, others are needed fixes, and others simply make dealing with the more irritating aspects of the game engine easier. Each component can be installed separately so the player can pick and choose only which ones they wish to install.

What's New in Version v10   See changelog


Version 10

  • Weapon Styles for All will now account for monk and sorcerer kits
  • Fixed the messed up encoding with the French translation; updated further by Jazira33
  • Took yet another pass at fixing the last few issues with Send BioWare NPCs to an Inn [DavidW/Zed Nocear] and Allow NPC Pairs to Separate on BGT
  • Fixed issue with Imoen specifically with ToB-Style NPCs when Ascension is installed. Thanks to Bartimaeus for tracking this down!
  • Unique Icons will now adjust item coloring on the avatar and paperdoll to match the item's new icon. A few icons were also updated (thanks TotoR) and cover some Ascension versions of items
  • Add Bags of Holding will now allow formerly unsellable items into the bags on original IWD. A regular Bag of Holding has been added to Shadows of Amn.
  • Friendly Random Drops was adjusted to account for the small placement change in IWD Fixpack v7
  • Increase Jewelry, Gem, and Miscellaneous Item Stacks now covers goodberries
  • The static armor lists have been expanded to cover EEEE
  • The bearweres added by Shapeshifter Rebalancing always used the polar bear animation. They'll now use the bearwere animation from Infinity Animations, if available, otherwise the bearweres will use polar bear animations for IWD-series games or cave bears for BG-series games.
  • TotoR added an alternative, BG2-style spell progression table for rangers and paladins. As such Paladins Use IWD-HoW Spell Progression Tables and Rangers Use IWD-HoW Spell Progression Tables have been renamed to Alter Paladin Spell Progression Table and Alter Ranger Spell Progression Table, respectively, and players can choose between the HoW tables and TotoR's new alternatives.
  • Accelerate/Decelerate Romances was not quite catching and adjusting all of the romance timer, especially for the EE NPCs. It's also been extended to cover the pseudo-romances of the EE NPCs in BGEE.
  • NPCs Don't Fight will now prevent Edwin and Neera from making their 'them or me' ultimatums so that they can be in the party together.

Version 10 Release Candidate 1

  • New and/or removed components:
    • argent77 contributed Create Interval Saves and Reset UnderSigil Fog of War
    • The Make Xan a Generalist Mage [Mike1072] was generalized and made into similar components for Dynaheir, Edwin, and Xzar by Angel
    • Added Allow Monks to Wear Helmets, Enhanced Overlays for Colorblind Players [Fouinto], and Removable NPC Items
    • Remove Blur Effect from Equipped Items and Invisible Cloak of Mirroring have been merged into a new component, Remove Annoying Visual Effects from Equipped Items. The scope has been broadened to cover any item that contains annoying, persistent visual effects.
    • Description Updates for Make +x/+y Weapons Consistent Component has been deprecated; item descriptions will be updated automatically by the main component if the translation is available
    • The Exotic Items Pack has been moved permanently to The Calling mod.
    • Broke out Alter Gnome Mage Kit/Multi-Class Options as a separate component instead of making a number of exceptions and assumptions in the general components.
  • Several updates to make Tweaks Anthology integrate better with Project Infinity
  • The static armor lists have been expanded to cover additional mods. Also components which use the static item lists--Icon Improvements, Allow Thieving and Stealth in Heavy Armor per PnP, Allow Arcane Spellcasting in Heavy Armor, and Allow Mages to Use Bucklers and Thieves to Use Small Shields [Angel]--should be substantially faster to install.
  • Recoded the Limit Ability of Storekeepers to Identify Items and the PnP restrictions option for Wear Multiple Protection Items to be faster as well.
  • Updated armor lists for the Allow Thieving and Stealth in Heavy Armor per PnP and Allow Arcane Spellcasting in Heavy Armor components to cover new mods
  • Added compatibility updates for Tome and Blood with the components that adjust spellcasting tables and Tweaks checking for the wrong component number in a few places
  • Added compatibility updates between the components that update spell tables and the EE version of Region of Terror
  • Ensure Shar-Teel Doesn't Die in the Original Challenge was not working in EET as her joining is handled by her combat script, not her normal script. Also fixed a bug where the component didn't work on oBG at all.
  • Added an updated Italian translation from ilot.
  • The Un-Nerfed THAC0 Table had been capping THAC0 at 1, and will now cap it at 0
  • Change Korgan to Neutral Evil Alignment broke his leaving-the-party ToB dialogue as it was explicitly checking for him being CE
  • Unique Containers [Miloch] has been recoded to assign icons and names as containers are found, rather than using a fixed list. This new approach also fixes a bug where the component would crash if it ran out of slots. Also fixed a potential conflict with the Secret of Bone Hill mod and a few other small errors.
  • Loosen Equipment Restrictions for Cleric Multi- and Dual-Classes was still restricting many items for kitted clerics due to some redundant usability flags. The component will now check and remove these flags as appropriate.
  • Friendly Random Drops was handing out items with zero charges, which is now fixed. Also fixed a bug where it would fail to install on an oIWD game with Restored Random Drops (from Unfinished Business for IWD) installed.
  • As the EE supports kits for multi-classes, Multi-Class Grandmastery and Druids Use 3E Alignment Restrictions now account for them
  • The non-silly version of Faster Chapter One and Two Cutscenes and Dreams could fail to match and replace all of the scripting it was supposed to
  • Make Khalid a Fighter-Mage [Domi] was not covering his SoD incarnation, and its unnecessarily complex spawning script could cause multiple Khalids to appear if you didn't recruit him the first you met at the FAI
  • No Traps or Locks [Weimer] was checking the wrong fields for keys, causing it to behave erratically.
  • Move Boo Into Minsc's Pack is now available on BG2 games
  • Courtesy of Jazira, with proofreading from Gwendolyne and Elisabeth, the French translation has been updated. Jazira also reviewed the English translation, and submitted several grammar and spelling fixes there as well.
  • Fixed a bug where Increase Party Movement Speed and/or Casting Speed Outside of Combat [argent77] could add duplicate scripting to the main game script. This component now covers familiars and similar mod companions.
  • Fixed a bug where Enforce PnP Proficiency Rules on Dual-Classed Characters [subtledoctor] was borking kit ability tables
  • Increase Party Movement Speed and/or Casting Speed Outside of Combat [argent77] now covers casting speed and has been renamed to reflect this. It will now cover familiars and other mod companions like Grey the Dog
  • Change Cloakwood Mine Chapter End Change Trigger to Non-TotSC Behavior [plainab] was using the wrong values on EET and therefore not properly removing journal entries
  • Lightning Bolts Don't Bounce [Angel] needed an update to work on the 2.6 series of EE games due to some projectile format changes
  • NPCs Cannot Pass Doors no longer changes the door in the Spellhold dream sequence, as an NPC passing this door is required for the 'good' outcome of the dream
  • All Alter Weapon Proficiency System options will now preserve racial bonuses with weapons on EE games
  • Remove Racial Restrictions for Kits will now allow for non-human monks. Since non-humans do not have specific monk animations, they will re-use their cleric animations for monks. As halflings lacked a mage animation they would default to fighter animations when choosing a mage class; these now also use cleric animations. Wild mages and barbarians are also made available.
  • Remove Racial Restrictions for Single-Classes now includes a configuration-level option (see the cdtweaks.txt file) that will adjust the half-orc intelligence penalty from -2 to -1, to allow for easier dual-classing to mages (assuming an appropriate variant of Alter Dual-Class Restrictions is installed)
  • Fixed a bug with ToB-Style NPCs where NPCs could potentially show up with -1 XP
  • Move NPCs to Convenient Locations now also tries to catch any area-level variables in their scripting when they're moved, hopefully resolving an odd bug or two with other mods
  • Send BioWare NPCs to an Inn [DavidW/Zed Nocear] and Allow NPC Pairs to Separate were having some issues on BGT games, which should be fixed.
  • Send BioWare NPCs to an Inn [DavidW/Zed Nocear] now accounts for the Endless BG1 mod, which lets you hang around after the end of the campaign. It also added some custom variables to allow for other mods to restrict the inn options for story-related purposes.
  • Updated the Russian translation so that it would work on both the originals and EEs (thanks Andrey Balabokhin)
  • On oBG, Two-Handed Bastard Swords was also allowing scimitars and long swords to be wielded two-handed
  • Allow Yeslick to Use Axes now properly accounts for Multi-Class Grandmastery, if installed
  • If Allow Mages to Use Bucklers and Thieves to Use Small Shields [Angel] and Weapon Styles for All are both installed, mages should be able to access the Sword and Shield weapon style. However, this only worked if Weapon Styles for All was installed second of the two; these will now work together regardless of install order
  • The Happy Patch - Alter How Party NPCs Complain About Reputation was not quite covering all of the ways Shar-Teel could leave due to reputation if the BG1 NPC Project was installed
  • Alter Multi-Class Restrictions and Alter Dual-Class Restrictions now try to edit the appropriate strings in character creation to reflect the rule changes
  • Icewind Dale Casting Graphics [Andyr] and Baldur's Gate Casting Graphics [Andyr] now include casting sounds; on EE games they'll also use the nicer blended animations
  • Icon Improvements now has a special ground icon for drow chain, as the bright green elven chain icon really stood out in places like the Underdark. The green elven chain has also been toned down a bit.
  • Enforce PnP Proficiency Rules on Dual-Classed Characters [subtledoctor] now requires ToB due to a bug in WeiDU v247
  • EET uses slightly different BG resources that were being missed in a few components: Adjust Evil Joinable NPC Reactions was missing Edwin; NPCs Don't Fight was missing several conflicts; Unique Containers [Miloch] missed a few bags; Consistent Stats could miss a copy of Edwin and Minsc; Make Xan a Generalist Mage [Mike1072] could miss a copy of Xan. Related, Give Coran a Legal Dexterity Score of 19 also missed an SoD version of Coran.
  • Add Bags of Holding would fail to install on oIWD without the TotLM expansion
  • Shapeshifter Rebalancing [Weimer] now tries to patch the kit ability table of the Shapeshifter rather than simply overwriting it
  • Numerous typo fixes

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