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[released] Sir Ajantis for BGII mod


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I just wanted to say that I can't wait to play this mod. It'll be awhile until after I finish this playthrough of BGT with this thief and then go back to BG1 and romance Ajantis all the way through. I dearly loved the BG1NPC (to be honest it was the first time I'd played BG1 just now despite the fact that I've played BG2 countless times).


I'm eagerly awaiting your ToB expansion, but I'm quite patient given that I'll probably play BGT multiple times with multiple characters while I wait.


So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for making this mod!

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I feel a bit silly, but I am having the most difficult getting the first quest (saving Ajantis) to fire.


Well, actually, it fires - I get the wonderful sequence with the knights right after our fighting with the disguised Ajantis & Co. I go through the ruins, meet with Firkraag, and rescue Garren's son. I then go back to the Order, speak with Dalahan, and then head back to the Windspear Hills, and trigger the portal. We have the fight again, and I search out and enter the ruins. However, this is where I have trouble...I cannot locate the hidden rune. I search that darned room, but...nothing. I've obviously missed something somewhere and could really use a little help.




I am having a similar problem. Except, I haven't even gotten that far. I got to the sequence with the knights, rescued Garren's daughter, and went to the Order. But, I don't really know what to do now.

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Did you get a golden globe in Firkraag's lair? Examine it (the priest/monk of Oghma can help you with that, btw.)


Did you meet a quest specific knight at the Order headquarters who gives you the quest to find the knights?

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Thank you for your interest! The romance path is written, it's the coding that is difficult (for me). ToB develops so fast, it's sometimes hard to put a dialogue between two game events. And it's a lot of time since I've played it, so some of the events I remembered in the wrong order. So I have to play while coding and sometimes tweak a dialogue a bit if it cannot happen where I wanted it to, which makes coding kind of tedious. I'm having a break currently but I'll be back on it in the near future.

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Trying Ajantis for the first time in BG2. I had troubles freeing Ajantis, but succeded after af couple of hours frustration :p


Looking foreward to see where he brings me (I'm only trying the friendship path, as I'm romancing Gavin :)



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What a releavement that I managed myself :)


I headed straight for Ajantis after I collected Jaheira, Nalia, Gavin & Khalid.


One question: will Ajantis leave me for good if I do stuff he doesn't approve, or will it rather be a rising tension/discussion and then after a warning or two he'll leave?


He starts with 400k xp, is that coded to be equal what the PC has or is it stationary?


I'll let you know if I find anything, thanks in advance for creating this :)



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The XP should be somewhere near what the PC has, yes. Ajantis only really leaves if the rep gets too low. Or, I think he will attack then, but that's normal game behaviour. You should be able to argue with him (more than in BG1, for sure), but if the PC is too insulting he will stop talking, I think.

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