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[released] Sir Ajantis for BGII mod


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I am really sorry about this. The dialogue files are in tra (and it's several different files, too), and adding dialogue options leads quickly to some kind of mess, that is why I didn't do it at once (and I had some time where I didn't mod at all, and then I wanted to finish ToB part first, thinking your suggestions were save where they are.) :( And then I didn't dare to tell you, because I am really embarrassed after all the work you put into it. (And, above all, I was, and am still, hoping, that Rosenranken will return.)


Maybe, if you install the mod and then try reading dialogues with NI or any other IE-editor, would you have the tree-structure then? I never do that, I always read the weidu code (but in trayfied form it is really hard, for me, too).


Or, if you have the mod installed and extract the Ajantis-dialogue file with weidu, this gives at least the dialogues with the text lines. I coulkd send you those, if you don't mind reading from one dialogue state to another.


You know, they say they will put up Rosenranken again, and that they have all content still (the whole forum). I think I will ask the admins first whether they think this will happen anytime soon, before you make the work twice.

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That is opening the box of Pandorra, really. I have made such bad experiences with traify and un-traify that I am glad if I don't have to use it.


I sent an Email to the one responsible for the forum. It's about time to hear what they are planning with it, anyway, me thinks. :)

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Well, shit happens, you shouldn't be embarrassed about it. :-)


For me the deal is to have some kind of dialog tree in which all the options appear for a specific line, cos otherwise I'll never know what is what.


But hey, if Rosenranken comes back and you can save those PMs, it'd be even better!


Let me know, in any case :D

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No feedback to my Email yet, but I won't give up. :)



Other question: Did anyone playing Ajantis Mod and RE get a night talk upon rest, like, ever? Because I identified a bug that would lead to Ajantis' rest dialogues only happen if the RE timer was expired (what I wanted to have was the complete opposite, of course: Only rest dialogue if the RE timer is not expired, to prevent multy, erm, loving.)

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Yes, especially since I managed to agree on the romance path and will not rewrite it a third time. For me, ToB part of this mod is a really, well, the German idiom would be "difficult childbirth", you get the idea.

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I am still waiting for test reports for the compatibility update.


While writing ToB, I noticed that Ajantis seems to identify with the PC quite a lot - no wonder about all the time they travelled together:

We came a long way, <CHARNAME>. From the first knowledge of our heritage to... this!


It was just a hanging "y", of course, but it made me laugh nontheless.

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I am still waiting for test reports for the compatibility update.

What sort of test reports? If it's concerning the Tweaks thing, I posted working code in the Tweaks forum a while back (you probably saw it). Do you need help integrating it into your mod? (I realise I only posted the relevant fraction rather than the whole thing.)

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Hi Jastey,


I'm planning on soon starting a new BG2 runthrough, this time with a full paladin-only party - and so I have selected Ajantis to be part of the crew. But before starting, I have a few questions:


1. I know that Ajantis doesn't have ToB content so far. Do you have any idea when you might release the new version with ToB content?


2. If, as I reckon, the new release date is not around the corner, do you think I'll have problems upgrading mid-game? I'm a very slow player with little time for gaming, so it will probably take me several months to play through such a big game as BG2, which may mean that you will release the ToB version before I've finished SoA.


3. What would be the best time to pick up Ajantis in your opinion? Straight out of Irenicus dungeon? I also plan on recruiting Mazzy, so, in terms of maximizing content, do you think I should go to the Windspear Hills first or rather to Umar Hills and then go pick up Ajantis?


4. As my PC will be a paladin, I'll follow the Paladin questline, which includes battling Firkraag at some point I believe (I've never played it though, so no spoiler please!!). Does the Ajantis mod interfere with that in some way (e.g if I go to the Windspear Hills early in the game to pick up Ajantis, do I have to fight Firkraag? And if not, will I still have to enter his lair? I don't think an early game party can beat Firkraag, so I would have to come back later, but that always feels a bit wrong RP wise... )



Thank you for your advice, and I'm looking forward to playing with Ajantis!

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Hi Amgot, thank you for your interest!


1. No release date. Still missing is epilogues, PIDs, interjections and most NPC banters. The biggest problem is that it's a German English mix currently, so even if I'd finish a runing install soon, it won't really help you (I assume). Translating will take a while; it's not as much text as for the SoA part but it is tedious and will take me a good while to do it.


2. Hm - I fear I will not only release a ToB part but the whole thing in one package, so you would have to deinstall the mod (meaning all mods that where installed after will get dinstalled and then reinstalled) before installing the new version. I might consider offering a ToB-part only before combining them. Installing another mod to a running game is no problem, principally, but if we are talking about a Megamod install there are instances where the biffing / whatever might make a change to the mod install difficult.


3. The quest to retrieve Ajantis does not include any heavy fights so from this point of view you can go any time you want. Ajantis has reactions to Mazzy (at least I recall adding something in case the PC doesn't want to free her and I think I added another remark as well) so maybe picking up Ajantis first gives you more content.


4. For the quest, you don't have to face Firkraag. You have to enter the dungeon in the Windspear hills, but only up to the stairs in front of the dungeon in which Garren's child is held prisoner. The quest starts from there. But of course, if the PC entered the Windspear Hills the Garren quest unfolds and the child has to be saved, and if the child is freed the PC has to face Firkraag, and if your paladin feels like having to fight him directly - tricky. [i never played as paladin myself so I don't know how the quests go.]

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