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Please, make us a pretty banner!


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When we were still discussing stuff, berelinde had a brilliant idea about how a RE banner might look: one of those signs you hang off hotel room doorknobs with "Romantic Encounters" on it.


Or anything else, as long as it reflects the mod's content, has "Romantic Encounters" somewhere, and is not too steamy. To follow the tradition, "A Gibberlings 3 Mod" at the end is nice, too. And it must be < 50kb.


So... I'll pin this here for now, shall I? :cry:

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The image you don't see was a pic of a naked guy with a very large plaquard reading Romantic Encounters coverying everything from his navel to his knees. Nice, but maybe a tad too direct.


No NO PUBES, then? Okay, thanks for describing.

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