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Please, make us a pretty banner!


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My only concern(the banner speed is reasonable, I think) is the first frame. It suggests that Bhaalspawn is male, when most of the encounters are for females; I'm just afraid people might have the wrong idea. Could you please change it to text only? Other than that, wow.

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What Kulyok said (plus it looks like Anomen's mouth, to be honest..)


And I would change the text to "Do not disturb... Romantic encounters". Makes more sense to me. (Like it is now, it looks as if the mod's name is "Do not disturb"..)


I like that one very much, too, as a draft.

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Jastey and Kulyok both make good points. You could fix up the male only aspect by including a female face in the second frame, or possibly having male and female faces on both initial frames.


For the mod's name, you might shift it to a black frame after the door opens (so that the sign only reads "Do Not Disturb").


But it's a good job though, and more complex than anything I would have attempted. Nice work on the animating sign, must've taken ages to do. ???

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Looks great, but I've gotta agree with what Kulyok has said, most of the RE's are designed for the Female PC's.

Perhaps a slide of alternating differences, one half male, the other side female. And a sort of blending barrier should make them appear different, yet not seperated, I think the inclusion of just the lower part of the eye would also tip viewers to the difference.


Man, its harder to explain than I thought. ???


Ah well, I'll just say you're on the right track there wonnimchunha.

Keep up the good work! :p

btw, love that openning comment. :)

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Nobody else is confused by the uncomfortable wording of "When a Bhaalspawn gets going"?


Normally that's the rejoinder to "when the going gets tough" which, unless it is some sort of ironic statement about the nature of tenderness expressed by someone who can turn into a slavering killbeast, doesn't really make sense here...

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