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Geomantic Sorcerer Kit

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Thanks Mikkola, the installer seems to work now but keeps skipping the geomantic sorcerer kit and then starts asking to install the portraits where my only options are no or quit. Are there any other files that need to be renamed? Do I need BG2 installed first or BG2 enhanced edition? I'm very much a newb when it comes to modding

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I started my GS in a new BG2-Game and can start Ch4 at will.


1. Thanks to the author for a very good kit!


2. Possible starting Points in

- BGT / BG1: Jaheira recogizes your druidic talents and starts your GS Training.

- ToB: Sarevok in your pocket plane / You get it after winning the first challenge from the solar.


3. Possible Improvements:

IMO you get too many druidic spells. Not because of balance but of handling.

This could be minimized by removing the most useless.

- Lvl 1: Detect Evil, Shillelagh

- Lvl 2: Goodberries, Slow Poison

- Lvl 3: Cure Medium Wounds, Summon Insects

- Lvl 4: Animal Summoning I (Sorcerer )

- Lvl 5: Animal Summoning II (Sorcerer), Iron Skins (Sorcerer 4: Stoneskin)

- Lvl 6: Animal Summoning III (Sorcerer)´.

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that's odd, but you probably just have to take his xp malus into account.
Well dah... the same thing is with Shadowkeeper... the game actually keeps the non malus XP in the character record and then multiplies the amount with the malus figure to count the effective amount...


So the 2500xp required to level up to the second level in the usual games... is 2500/0.85 = 2941...xp... so about 2950xp, in shadowkeeper or in the console.

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Sorry, I didn't know that bugs are a problem of worldview...


Again, I like the mod...

...but although I like it there are bugs - sorry!



- A funtion to set XPs should set XPs right.

- Spells like contingency or spell squencers should show possible selections once, not often.

- Some spell descriptions speak of GS', some of druids or priests...

- btw. Is there any difference between "Ghost Armor" and "Improved Ghost Armor"?


It's a good mod and none of these (small) bugs makes it unplayable.

IMO bug reports help authors o improve their work.

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Anyone there?
You might have to wait for a bit more, the new kit weidu function to the weidu.exe has been added this week(v235), and so just have to wait and see how it's going to be utilized... and we(the public) still have no idea how the saves are going to carry continuity from the BG:EE to the BG2:EE, and can they utilize the non EE version data... etc.
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Bug reports


- Having "Druid Immunities" (HMA) I was level drained. 8-(((

- Having "Clarity" (HMA) I was charmed.


Feature Request

- Spell selection is now near unmanageble (p.e. "Iron Skins": 6 clicks, "Horrid Wilting": 8 clicks, "Tornado": 9 clicks).

It may help (a Little), If you could move on the selection bar from Lvl. 1 to 9 also.

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