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Do you think that Amelyssan...


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She calls herself that in the game, yes. In the pocketplane cutscene after you whacked the five Bhaalspawn. Dialogue MELISS01, to be precise.


"True enough! So be it. My name is Amelyssan the Blackhearted, High Matriarch and greatest Deathstalker of my Lord Murder's Bhaalist temple. 'Twas I who led all the chants in His holy name!"


Also, Bhaal calls her by that full name when he replies to her in the next cutscene (DLG BHAAL01).


"And so you have betrayed me, Amelyssan the Blackhearted. The time draws nigh and yet you perform no rites!"



As devSin said, it's probably just a title associatted to her line of work. :)

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Literal-minded translation:


"Okay, people, admit it. Who else copied and pasted, or perhaps typed freehand, 'http://forums.lordofmurder.net' into the address bar of the World Wide Web Hypertext Markup Language browser they choose to use on their personal computer?"


(you can see now how "link" was punchier, if lacking a smidgen of accuracy.)

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