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Sneak peek at Version One


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CamDawg is on holiday at the moment, which gives me a lovely opportunity to sort-of-but-not-really release the scantly anticipated Version One of this mod. By this I mean "I'm pretty sure I did everything correctly, but on the off chance something dumb makes installation impossible, someone may notice that before the official release."


There shouldn't be any need to update unless you're wanting the modest new features in Weapon Proficiency Tweaking or Experience Point Adjusting, or if you'd wanted to make Imoen a Sorcerer. It wasn't all that buggy for a Beta; let us pray that this trend continues.


So, erm...have it!


Level One NPCs Version One for Windows


Level One NPCs Version One for OSX

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Congrats on the release!




If you have installed the Revised High Level Abilities component of Refinements, a kitted multiclass will crash the game upon whichever level-up would allow selection of an HLA. This is not a bug in Level 1 NPCs ; do not tempt fate by kitting any multiclasses with Refinements installed and consider deferring that Gnomish Cleric/(obligatorily)Illusionist protagonist until another playthrough.


I take it that any other part of Refinements is okay, and that it's just the Refinements HLAs that are a problem e.g. if you have just the Shapeshifting Fix installed then you'll be fine?


I dunno if it'd be worth you mentioning in the readme that 'Rebalanced Weapon Proficiencies' from BG2 Tweaks works fine with this mod (although I only tested it with Level One NPCs installed after BG2 Tweaks).


I had a good look through the readme but found not one use of the non-word that is 'dickery'. ;)


But perhaps that's for the best. ;)

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During chargen, my Swashbuckler can put 2* in cross bow. Here's my setup:


List Party-Joinable NPCs

Tweak weapon proficiencies for some classes: Allow Clerics one star in any weapon type a Fighter can use

Allow Druids one star in any weapon type a Fighter can use

Allow Thieves, Mages, and Bards to place one star in any weapon type

Allow Thieves and Thief multi-classes three stars in dual-wielding

Allow backstab with any weapon a Mage/Thief, Fighter/Thief or Cleric/Thief can use

Make all two-handed weapons unusable for backstabbing

Joinable NPCs more closely match the PC's experience


The only other mod I have installed is the BG2 Fixpack. I noticed that you've fixed the 'Priest of Lathander can't put a * into all proficiencies' problem I reported, but I guess you already knew that.


I'll let you know if I run into any other problems.

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Hurray ;)


It's possible I added a dependency to the Song and Silence fix that isn't included in this version (ran out of time ;) ) - if so the crossbows are a ten second fix.


Install as much of Refinements as you like, including the HLAs - just don't kit multiclasses with that mod installed by any means, including this mod ;)

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Install as much of Refinements as you like, including the HLAs - just don't kit multiclasses with that mod installed by any means, including this mod ;)
Okay, I won't. In the ReadMe, the warning has to be even more clear, no matter where Refinements is installed, no kitting of multiclasses.


Bummer. What's needed to resolve this? I can contact the Refinements Gang, what's left of them.

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Tag me if you need something - I'm happily puttering my way through Domi's IWD2 NPCs, but just did a flyby of forums. May be out and about until next week this time, but for you, Nythrun, absolutely anything, any time.

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At the moment, the only thing I'd ever mentioned including in the mod that's not yet complete is better support for dual classing; I'm working on that presently (a fine mess it is, too). Fortunately, I'm fine fettle at the moment and ought to finish that today - after which cometh the debugging.


If you've any previously unmentioned requests, voice them promptly please - this mod is rapidly approaching completion (save, of course, for the obligatory upkeep).


I will probably also ask for a few other pair of eyes to go over the debuggery - my brain is already emitting noxious smoke :suspect:

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I will check in in a few hours - cmorganbg at gmail dot com or the usual between us - svowles at comcast dot net. Untrained eyes ready, as are an EasyTutu and a BGT install. The BG install is available too, because my new system is scheduled to arrive in about 3 weeks, so I wil have to do a clean install on the new system anyways :suspect:


Send me anything you want me to look at.

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