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has anyone here tried to vist the teambg site, i tried on my pc and my friends and i still cant get there :groucho: anyone know if its moved or a server problem. ( i need to get updates on the imoen romnce)

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Guest SirLancelot
We have Noobermeet for this sort of thing


Nevermeet, right. The guy who has broke into teambg is claiming for a kick in his...illness brain.


I have heard that Ken it´s very, very upset, disgusted and unhappily and thinking about give it up.


Congratulations hacker one, you will rest in hell with your minions and surely play BG with them.




Thanks a lot for keeping IESDP alive, Andyr.

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The version currently on G3 is from my personal copy - however I believe it is out of date.

If you have the a more recent version (downloaded from the site at teambg within the past 2 or 3 weeks), please either attach it to this forum, or e-mail it to me, or get it to me some other way.

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