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So, I finally managed to track down a replacement copy of BG1 after many months (years) of searching, failed attempts to order online, etc. I'm ready to try out a complete BG Trilogy run, starting with EasyTutu. Since I haven't played Tutu before, I'd appreciate any comments on issues with my proposed install order and any mods you might think I'm lacking that absolutely have to be installed in your opinion.

  • Install a fresh copy of BG1
  • Install Tales of the Sword Coast
  • Install BGTalesUS5512.exe patch for BG1: TotSC
  • Install a fresh copy of BG2: SoA
  • Install Throne of Bhaal
  • Install BGII-ThroneofBhaal_Patch_26498_ENGLISH.exe

  • Install EasyTutu_ToB
  • Install EasyTutu Degreenifier v4
  • Install Tutufix v18- Totemic Druid Spirit Summons are balanced, BG1 summoning spells
  • EasyTutuNPCKits v2
  • Song and Silence - New bardic store
  • BG1UB v6 TutuBGT
  • SiriensCall v7 (tentative)
  • BG Mini Quests and Encounters v3
  • BG1 NPC v 16
  • Coran Friendship v2
  • Xan friendship v4
  • Xan BG2 Voice v2
  • BG1NPC music v5
  • Finch v3
  • Gavin v3.1
  • 1pp v2
  • 1pp flaming swords
  • 1pp flaming short swords
  • 1pp paper dolls
  • 1pp legacy shields
  • 1pp legacy small shields
  • 1pp coloured quarterstaves
  • eSeries
  • gMinion
  • Fairydragon
  • Refinements - Shapeshifting fix
  • iiProjectile v8
  • SCS v8
  • RR v 3.9
  • dotweak - goodberries, sensible lore tables, backstabbing
  • BG2 Tweaks
  • EasyTutuSpawn Randomizer v3
  • Geomantic Sorcerer v3
  • DEFJAM v6
  • Widescreen mod v1

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I don't see any issues. If you see anything that contradicts or should be added to the Tutu install order though (link in my sig), let us know.


The only thing I don't remember seeing on there specifically is "Fairy Dragon" (thought that was a BG2 mod?) though it's been a while since I've gone through the list.

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Your override will be big, but it shouldn't be too hideous. Unlike BG2 mods, your BG1 mods will be sparsely voiced, if at all, so you save great gobs of RAM there. I've had most of the mods on your list installed at one point or another, and everything worked fine, though I tend to run with something more minimal now.


Just so you know, Grey Clan is tough. Very tough. And I'm not sure all the compatibility issues with the final fight have been ironed out. You see, TGC does stuff to the final battle, as does SCS. Not sure whether they play nice together or not. Both mods work great on Tutu, so that isn't the problem. It's more that two mods are affecting the same scripts, so they might interfere with each other.


But apart from the final fight, TGC and SCS pretty much stay out of each other's way. I've had both on my install forever, and they work out all right. And here's the "but." I usually uninstall TGC prior to going to the Undercity. I can manage an SCS final battle, but TGC one is just too rich for my blood, so I give it a miss.


Caedwyr, I know that you, of all people, are well aware of these things, but lots of folks read along with the "recommendations" threads, so you aren't the only audience for this response.

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In shameless self-promotion: If you'd like to have some more Ajantis content, you might consider installing Ajantis BG1 Expansion Mod (I can link you to v 0.2 beta).

The Tutu part was thoroughly tested and seems pretty stable, but of course I can understand if you are reluctant to include a mod that carries a beta flag (at least I hope that would be the only reason you'd reject installing it :) )

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TGC has a lite version, perhaps it's more manageable than a party of a level 15 fighter and two level 15 mages. But I digress, I have to L2P and I'm the only one who had troubles with TGC.


I've successfully won the SCS finale with TGC installed, and I didn't notice issues (of course, as a solo FMT I spent the majority of the battle invisible, so that might have been a factor, but I doubt).

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Also: if you wish to try Tutu with the Armor Revision from Refinements, give me a kick or two and I'll try to actually code further item support and give you the beta (and hope I get somebody to proofread all items it touches).

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Just so you know, Grey Clan is tough. Very tough. And I'm not sure all the compatibility issues with the final fight have been ironed out. You see, TGC does stuff to the final battle, as does SCS.


TGC doesn't actually alter the final battle (I checked a while ago and found that it didn't; I've just checked with its author).

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Yeah, I don't recall TGC afecting the final battle. I've never heard of TGC having any compatibility problems, either. I think it is scripted to stand alone, actually, and you don't need Tutu to run it.


My advice is to not attempt TGC without a party that lacks really solid tankitude. From my experience with ithe mod, it seems to me that one cannot hope to win its major battle without several characters in the party who can withstand a vast amount of damage.


I did find Grey Clan fun and challenging, though. The voice acting for Grachus is at times unintentionally (?) funny, it made me laugh. ("Waaait... meet mah chilren fust..." "Now da fon begins...") I liked what Baronius did with the mod overall, but there's no denying it is ballbuster tough.

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