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Old and Forgotten IWD Mod Art give away


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Hello to all.


“I wasn't sure were to actually post this, so please correct me if this isn't the right place.”


As the title implies, I have some art I had made a few years ago, (I think in 2002), supposedly for an IWD mod (can't remember if it was for I or II). That never happened, and luckily after discovering this site “the Gibberlings”, I remembered I still had that art somewhere. Well, I am more than happy (now that I found it) to give it to the community to use.


There are 18 maps (environments) I had made back then.


2 are for a Dwarven Stronghold

3 for a Gnomes (Alchemists/Engineers Something) Stronghold

2 for a Druids Stronghold

3 for a Paladins Stronghold

3 for a Thieves Stronghold

4 for a Wizards Stronghold

and 1 random wilderness site



and here is the link to them (hope this works): http://dl.dropbox.com/u/22276004/IWD_Mod_Art%20%28By%20Aranthor%29.rar




As I mentioned, these are free for the community to use. I think I’ve had them hidden for too long :-(


Also, back then when I made these, I did have the time and energy to make stuff like this. Today, well, things are a little different, so I don't think I will be able to spend time again (at least any time soon) to start making any more.


Anyway, I hope people find some use for these old lost pieces of art. I would love to see them in a mod some day :-)

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YES. I was really in it at the time. Now, many years later, I'm finding myself player BG1 again, and this time in widescreen :p

Also, it's sort of my job, I am a digital artist. SO back then, much younger, it was just a joy to make all that stuff. Staying up late was just fun back then.

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I'm glad you guys like the artwork. Would be nice to walk around it some day ;)

Having just browsed through all the art, I can only say that I'd too would like that!


Especially, I find the exterior for the Paladin Stronghold magnificicent, well done.

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Hi ! I am developping a new mod and search a medieval stronghold for a new Order of Paladins. Does your file contain only bmp or jpeg maps, or the entire maps (.are, .wed, .tis ...) ?




Only jpeg images. Sorry, that's all I've got. :-)

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I saw your backgrounds in this thread and I am amazed.. how does one go about creating such art? render it in a 3d editor?


I assume you took 3d models from the web, created some own, took textures from the web and created some own, added lighting and rendered it? Is this how these scenes were created?


Here's a preview for those too lazy to download and unrar :)


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