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IR v4 - list of changes over v3

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Armor's physical damage resistance

'Full plate and packing steel' mod does this already and stacks with IR wonderfully (if some installation order is maintained), though I've tested it only on BG1 part of trilogy. I'd advice to look into it if you hadn't yet.
Yeah, the concept behind it is the same, but the numbers would be really different. Within that mod you can very easily get 20-30% resistance from most armors, and later on even 50-60%. Those values are really too high imo, at least on installs including Revisions mods (e.g. IR's Potion of Absorption adding another 20% on top of it), and potentially broken when you take into account things such as Hardiness HLA (another +40%).


That mod also changes base AC values (e.g. heavy armors have much worse AC), pratically re-inventing the whole system, whereas IR tries to do it remainging as close as possible to the rules everyone is familiar with. Even DEX penalties (e.g. IR's ones are 1 point less severe on average) and various other features (e.g. stealth penalties) are implemented in a different way with very different values.


Long story short, we have the same goal, but we are not doing the same thing at all. If you really prefer the other mod, you can just install IR's Main Component, then skip IR's Revised Armors component and install 'Full plate and packing steel' mod instead. It won't be reccomended, but it would work as it always did till now, IR V3.1 won't change that.


On a side note, I just noticed that mod seems to have implemented something I was secretly working on, fatigue. I'm curious to know how it handled it...

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Interesting read, thanks for the link.


I guess I'll have to fight for a change in the "recommended/BWP install order" so the main component is installed earlier...


My issue is with the Vampiric Sword, to which The Vault adds a summoning ability (plot related) via overwriting the vanilla one. With the current install order it was simply erased by IR, until I updated the mod to change Ulcaster Ghost dialog to reward with another resource... which created more compatibility issues with other BGT mods requiring the vanilla resource. So I'm looking for a way to leave that dialog reward alone while avoiding the IR issue. Change in install order would probably be the best so I could patch the new ability after IR done its work.

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is it feasible to expect a real release (one that would be officially on Gibberlings3's homepage) by the end of the year?


I do understand that you're busy and everything but the risk here is to have many parallel projects (SR, IR, KR) which feel incomplete for one reason or one other. At this point, wouldn't it be better to tie the knots and aim for a final release for IR or SR and put on hiatus the rest?

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For BGT, I'm not sure that anyone would want revised items in one half of the game and not the other*, so we'll do our best to keep it in one component. The component can figure out what platform is being used and determine what resources need to be installed.


*If anyone did want this behaviour, we could make it easy to mod the installer to achieve it without forcing everyone else to say yes/no to 2 components.

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Component 0 is the main component and we'll try to have it install BG1 and BG2 items as appropriate to the platform. It's not really clear how you would separate them in BGT, considering it uses the same resources in both halves of the game. However, we can make it possible for you to mod the installer to make component 0 exclude items specific to BG1 or to BG2 if you so desire.

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I, for one, would never want to have revised items that do not apply to the whole BGT game. It goes right against the sense of continuity that is at the base of a BGT experience.
Well, if only the unique(plain) "Long Sword +2" in BG1 and the "Varscona" Long Sword +2 in BG2 had not been the same exact replica in the game, I would be inclined to agree.

But the point is, that if we want to install the main Item Revision component before the BGT, the BGT will overwrite the items in that areas located in BG1, and then there's no recourse.

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